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  1. Gebb

    Google MyMaps citations: useful for GMB ranking?

    Probably this is just another variation of the Google Stack methods stuff, but was wondering whether doing MyMaps citations (using a residential proxy in order to make multiple accounts with a precise ZIP location for local consistency and give the "real user that lives near the shop, absolutely...
  2. A

    New business

    Hi folks, it's time for a new adventure for me. I'm a member of a Facebook group. We have every day the same questions : where can I make a PCR test ? Where can I find a cab ? Etc. I joked with a moderator of the group, "you know what ? I will scrape all questions, all answers, make a website...
  3. F

    How to rank specific keywords for GMB?

    How does one control the ranking for certain keywords on GMB? I know that when setting up profile on GMB, you can select some areas of service for the business. I actually rank for some of those keywords, however, I don't see any rankings for other keywords that I can't add it those service...
  4. Z

    LOCAL SEO (Google Places)

    Hi everyone, i'm looking to get some tips on what's working in the market right now for affecting LOCAL seo. I have a few websites, all of which are doing well and have raised my GLOCAL position to the point of improving a functional business beyond sustainability but my observation is that...
  5. S

    Geotagging all the pictures that I take?

    Is it really worth it with the phone and the GPS for the locale? I am taking a boatload of pictures on every site and proposal I do, I am just trying to maximize my return before I post them on my site. Does it work even better for G Local with the tagging of the pics?
  6. J

    Facebook Ideas

    Hello all. I was wondering if any of you can help me as I am at a loose end!! Where I live (Spain) there is a Facebook Group (Not Fan page) dedicated to selling peoples second hand things. It is is really popular with over 5000 people in the group. The problem is that Facebook groups are not...
  7. J

    [METHOD] Easy money from local businesses

    This is a little different than offering some SEO/Google Places/FB fanpage service. You can do this with or without any other offers. You will be offering businesses the opportunity to get a rebate on their credit card processing. Every business pays a fee for each credit or debit card...
  8. I

    Chicago Affiliate Marketing Meetup

    I specifically am making this known to people in the blackhat forum because I want to chat more with you guys than anyone else. Just wanted to let you all know about the Chicago Affiliate Marketing Meetup Group. you can find it on the meetup site for by searching for "affiliate" near the...
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