[METHOD] Easy money from local businesses

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    This is a little different than offering some SEO/Google Places/FB fanpage service. You can do this with or without any other offers.
    You will be offering businesses the opportunity to get a rebate on their credit card processing.
    Every business pays a fee for each credit or debit card transaction and they hate paying it. The rates are high. So high, in fact, that some businesses I know have a minimum dollar amount (usually $5) that they'll accept because anything less than that and the fee would eliminate their profit.
    You are going to change all that for them. AND you're going to make money in the process.
    Sign up for free with the MatchRate PLUS affiliate program by going to their website and entering "signup" when prompted. Then briefly explain to local business owners that they'll get the guaranteed lowest rates, free equipment, excellent support, and 25% of the commission earned on their account.
    You get $50 when they sign up and 5% of the commission. Sign up 3 or more and you'll get 12.5%. Get over 50 and you get 17.5%.
    Plus, you get 10% of anything earned by anyone who signs up under you.
    The whole process is completely WIN WIN.
    This works even better if you already have offline clients but it can also be a good foot in the door for contacting them later and offering other services.