1. rodrigo della rovere

    Juice may prevent you from ranking on Google

    Good morning, I have a major doubt. My website has many pages, and a lot of them do not receive traffic anymore, but they still have internal links pointing to them. By keeping these old pages, could I be losing juice to unnecessary places? Is it worth deleting the pages and setting up a 301...
  2. Xuan1233

    what model should I build for my PBN system?

    Currently, I am building a PBN system for my moneysite. However, I still don't know how to implement it according to the model: the tower model or the wheel model and any other model. I know the current wheel model is too obvious, google may find out and the web will be penalized. I would like...
  3. Strangilla

    What is tier 1, tier 2 and Link juice?

    Hello, From past few weeks I am creating backlinks for my website here and there with no proper connection among the backlink websites. Should I make any connection between them? What is tier 1, tier 2 and link juice? Could anyone please explain me this in detail? Thanks
  4. qwertzui11

    Products on Category pages - Linkjuice question

    I have an ecommerce site, selling for example football shoes. There are close to 100 of them in this "Football shoes" category. Like adidas, nike, blue, red, striped etc.. How many products should I show to costumers in the category ( before the "show-more/next" button...
  5. qwertzui11

    Getting rid of bad PBNs with 301 redirect

    I moved my site with 301 a half year ago from subdomain, to domain. -> Now I think that my old site's linkbuilding technique holds me back from ranking better in serp. I used cheap pbn links on my inner pages (but not for the homepage) and redirected to the new page...
  6. qwertzui11

    Facebook page-plugin leaks PageRank/LinkJuice ?

    I am using the original Facebook Page Plugin, on most of my sites. Its in the footer area on every inner page, so on the homepage. I was just checking my code, and saw that it has no rel=nofollow tag on the link. Whats your opinion, should I add a nofollow tag? Or just leave it that way...
  7. 7yearitch

    anyone have any experience with pumper sites?

    hi, bhw so my question is how effective are pumper sites? i have seen some services here on bhw and they just look like glorified tiered backlinking to me. with safe links up to tier 3 and all the spam on tier 4. looks quite safe i would say but not sure about the efficacy. how much linkjuice...
  8. B

    How to get link juice via blogspot blog ?

    I have some good blogs on blogspot which has good traffic . Now I want to know how can I get link juice with these blogs.
  9. N

    [How To] Steal linkjuice

    Here's a tip to "steal" link-juice from deleted social accounts or blogs! This is my first contribution to BHW, i hope you like it! ;) Here's how you do it: 1. Find a Social Site, Forum, or blogging platform. I Picked for this example (but there are hundred of sites that you can...
  10. lancerb

    backlinks to backlinks linkjuice flow Question

    Im making article back-links to my article back-links that lead to my money site. When i get the spiders to crawl the back-links to my back-links will the link-juice flow to my money-site or does the first tier of back-links (that lead to money site) have to be re-crawled?
  11. R

    Site link flow suggestions/tips/advice

    Hey guys. So I am wondering what will be the best way to keep old posts from getting lost in my blog. My posts get decent rankings, but once they are pushed of the front page by newer posts, the ranking almost vanishes. Is putting an "Archive" tab linking to all posts the best way to go about...
  12. socialmediaking

    Reverse SEO Reputation Management Question

    I have a client who had a bad article published about them several years ago that they want to make disappear. I have begun creating other sites and blogs that I am going to make rank higher for the keyword of his name. My question though, has to do with the keyword selection. The article is...
  13. D

    What is the best way to redirect a WordPress url?

    Been reading this forum for months and this is the first time I've had a question I couldn't find an answer to. Using scrapebox and senuke and wanting to blast to WP blogs, but want to redirect the traffics and link juice to other sites, what is the best way to redirect? 301, 302, other...
  14. joesomebody

    Another way to get links...and fool digg if your site is banned

    Since tinyurl doesn't really count much in the serps anymore, I found out we can use sites like and to get backlinks in a tinyurl-esque way. Just put in your links and drop the redirect links somewhere...masks your links, and gives pr through...
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