1. Z

    CSGO Casino and Legality

    Hey guys, I am a marketing expert and I am considering opening up a CSGO Casino. I am thinking about operating it in the EU until the revenue is big enough and then switch to a Curacao Gaming License. I am wondering if anyone in here knows about the legality of running such an operation since...
  2. C

    Minimizing risk to high income profession

    Logged back in my account after almost 7 years. The days of fake accounts I thought were behind me. After many years I ended up becoming a doctor. A part of me wants to venture out into a business of selling doctor notes. There are so many websites that are selling "fake" doctor notes. But as...
  3. G

    dropshipping legality and taxes

    Hey people, I have a few questions for you because i didn't find any enlightening info through the internet. First of all i am planning to set up an ecommerce site and start dropshipping from aliexpress. I am a Cypriot citizen but I've been living in Greece for 5 years. I have a bank account...
  4. apex1

    Is it ok to upload news clips to youtube?

    I want to upload some 1-2 minute clips from various news networks.. is that safe to do? Does it fall under fair use? Are longer clips ok as well? Can I try to direct people to my website from the videos? Can I add a 2-3 second intro to the clip with a CTA to my website etc? Any advice is very...
  5. L

    Youtube Compilation Questions

    Ok so I am planning starting a couple YouTube compilation channels and I need a little advice. I have been doing a far amount of research on the subject, however, I have come to a bit of a crossroads on the subject of uploading content. There seems to be a bit of a legal gray area with uploading...
  6. S

    Can I start an adult affiliate blog in India? Is there anyone with experience?

    Hi all! I am looking to start chain of adult affiliate websites in India. Is there anyone who can help me out? Also, I know it is illegal in India, but is there a way out? Will it be okay if I build a website but promote my content OUTSIDE India?
  7. F

    does every message require an unsubscribe footer

    in united states in the state of new york, would someone get arrested for sending too many private messages on a website, too many posts, too many comments do I need to write an unsubscribe notice I posted many questions on blackhatworld please message me to unsubscribe
  8. bushinonasake

    Question on the Legallity of a Porn Site or Cam Site

    If I were to have a camsite or adult site hosted from a foreign country where it is legal would the local authorities come after me if it's illegal here? I'm thinking of starting a cam site or porn site since I have an investor but I'm a worried about the legalities. Hoping for some advise.
  9. L

    Old Stuff - Upload or not?

    Hello, I have some old stuff and I don't know if I should upload or not, because I don't know if I will have some legal problems. I'm talking about: Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows ME .... I have made some ISO and UIF images and now I can share with the community. If i don't have problems...
  10. D

    Legality Issues

    im starting a cpa driven site and plan on using videos as incentives for users to complete. but it is completely legal for me to embed movies, tv shows, etc. into the blog? i dont think i'm breaking any copyright laws, since im not actually COPYING the videos onto my site. maybe im...
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