1. P

    how supposed run google ads ?

    how to run google ads for gambling campaign correctly ? how about the keyword ? if we use keyword contain gambling is it OK ?
  2. supermex

    Python script to get up to 3000 related keywords for each seed keyword for just $145

    Python script to get up to 3000 related keywords for each seed keyword I'm thrilled to introduce you to the ultimate game-changer in keyword research – my Python-powered tool that's about to revolutionize the way you discover keywords. Imagine effortlessly unlocking up to 3000 Google Autosuggest...
  3. S

    New To Wordpress..

    is there anything that i can do to improve my wordpress. i try lots of things here, optimize the seo on page and off page. linkin page kw to my hompage.. match plugin for optimization.. i use yoast too... using 1 niche keyword for backlink.. am i do wrong? my wordpress just 7 days created...
  4. jeanfrank

    Is it easy for ranking for a keyword with the difficulty 36 on Semrush?

    I want to rank for our keyword on the first page (only four words), what do you think? It's easy or not? How should I do?
  5. neoanderson

    Trending Topics from Google Trends

    Hello Friends, I want to know the best and most effective way to find the trending topics from Google Trends or Google Auto complete to write content on fresh topics for getting traffic from google news or Google Discover. Because I am writing content from last many months still it's not...
  6. S


    Hello, I have a question, how do I appear in more than one keyword in one field? I see sites with 50 articles, and they appear in more than 1,000 keywords according to ahrefs, and I have 40 articles, and I appear in only 20 words.
  7. DeiFic xD

    [Multiple Payment Options Added] ✅ Alien Keyword Research ✅ Get Super Easy to Rank Keywords for Pennies

    Why this service? For the past year, I have been building niche websites with AI content, primarily focusing on topical authority. I can’t stress enough the importance of topical authority and how easy it is to rank if you cover almost every corner of your niche. Kept automating all the process...
  8. liebee801

    How to bring up Organic Keywords at my Website?

    I have a blog website and do a lot of backlinks. But don't know why it's so hard to get organic keywords. Any input for my problem?
  9. M

    Free Keyword Tool

    Any idea about a free and good Keyword suggestion tool? A tool that I can feed seed keyword into it and it brings me all other related keywords. Don't care about keyword volume, nor difficulty. I tried this And this But they...
  10. God of Porn

    How can I avoid Keyword cannibalization in my adult tubes?

    To avoid Keyword cannibalization in a normal site would be very easy for me because I would only create one post for one keyword, but for my adult tubes is extremly hard. There is only a handful of phrases and words you can use to name videos or describe them, because of this I have been hit...
  11. S

    some of my keywords stopped ranking suddenly

    Some of my keywords are stopped ranking in SERP,s for a few days. Can anyone explain what to do to get those keywords back on SERP,s ranking
  12. shadow5

    Increase search volume for a particular keyword?

    Anyone know how to increase search volume for a particular keyword? (or if there's any existing guide on here on how to do so?) Brainstorming some ideas. Send me a PM if so.
  13. L

    What is the Best Keyword Density for SEO in 2023?

    Hello BHW, I'm so confused about the recommendations for keyword density from all the sources. Some say 2% and some say 0.5%. My view so far is that it's hard to insert keywords 2% naturally. But anything less seems like maybe the page will not rank. Does anyone have upto date advice for...
  14. david late

    PPC campaign optimization tips needed

    I've recently started running a PPC campaign for my business, but I'm not getting the desired results. I would appreciate some tips on optimizing my PPC campaign. How can I improve my ad copy, keyword targeting, and overall campaign performance to maximize conversions and minimize costs?
  15. strafe_

    I need a specialist to rank my SMM Panel in google

    Hi there, I am looking for a person who is specialized in SMM Panels. I have created a panel recently and it has everything necessary to be interesting to the client; very low prices, services without drops tested by my team for the last 2 years, LIVE support 24/7, etc. The only thing I would...
  16. B

    Is 3% keyword density Good for all?

    Is it ok if I maintain a 3% keyword density in all of my article and service pages? My manager decides to go for As Much KW As Possible. So, is it ok if I maintain this keyword density for my site?
  17. J

    Tell me how to automate the extraction of low-competition keywords

    Tools such as Ahrefs are available. How can I automate ranking for keywords with low competition and get lots of traffic? For the final check, I also want to check how many pages there are for the keyword targeted by "allintitle:". Currently, I'm doing it visually, so I'd like to automate it.
  18. K

    High KD, I don’t know if this niche is worth doing

    I want to start a blog, and I searched for the keywords of my niche. Many of them are high KD. Now I don’t know if this niche is worth doing. It looks hard.
  19. Hisoka1


    I am looking for 10 BHW members(must have 100+ posts) to review my READY2RANK GOLDEN KEYWORD RESEARCH. If interested PLEASE POST ON THIS THREAD ONLY What you will get: 3 Money keywords + 6 Informative Keywords ($25 package package) What I want from you: A detailed and genuine review about...
  20. X

    Looking SEO Expert

    I'm looking SEO expert. Amazon products related SEO expert highly encourage to send me pm with Skype
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