keyword advice

  1. S

    keywords ranking in the wrong countries

    I saw a website when i start the audit of the website. ahref showing that this website's keywords are ranking in other countries and these keywords has a good search volume. But the business provide there services only in India. what should i do in this condition how rank for those keywords in India
  2. knn125

    Keyword not ranking for main Term

    Hello all, My website is visible in SERP for the keyword "men's leather pants" and other LSI keywords of term "Leather Pants" But it's not ranking and visible in SERP for the main keyowrd "Leather Pants" Why So? Can anyone tell me the exact reason for the same?
  3. S

    keywords not showing in search results

    Hy everyone i just checked my google search console and some of my keywords are showing in search console but when i am searching them manually on google SERP's the keywords are not showing? can anyone explain what happening. i changed my website schema tomorrow. Is that why it is not showing or...
  4. Jordekorren

    keyword strategy for multiple cities - Keyword advice???

    I have some questions about keywords and what tactics to use on the website? I have a company with headquarters in one city where most of the work is done. Reception offices in two other cities. As I have now, my front page is H:1 "lawyer my name" and I am no 2-4 on google in my hometown...
  5. S

    I want to rank my website in india.

    Is there anything that stopping my website to rank in india. The website is ranking for local search can anyone check and tell me what is the problem. I tried many thing Website is
  6. SERP Buster

    Why Search Volume is an under rated matric? Tips to use it effectively.

    Search volume is one of the most commonly used metrics in SEO and one it is not often utilized as according to its potential. As there are many ways to gage a search volume estimate for an keywords, like using tools like Google keyword planner or by third party tools like Semrush, Ahref and...
  7. L

    What is the Best Keyword Density for SEO in 2023?

    Hello BHW, I'm so confused about the recommendations for keyword density from all the sources. Some say 2% and some say 0.5%. My view so far is that it's hard to insert keywords 2% naturally. But anything less seems like maybe the page will not rank. Does anyone have upto date advice for...
  8. M

    Question on keyword research

    Hello everyone! I hope this is the right place to ask this question. I've been a content writer for a few years. Now, I am working on improving my SEO. Recently I have been sent a few lists to help get started on keyword research: 1. List of keywords given to me by client, that they want to...
  9. K

    High KD, I don’t know if this niche is worth doing

    I want to start a blog, and I searched for the keywords of my niche. Many of them are high KD. Now I don’t know if this niche is worth doing. It looks hard.
  10. I

    Shopify Keywords Help

    Hi, I am helping a client rank a Shopify store. I have done extensive keyword research for a particular product they are selling and have found over a hundred keywords for that product. I have used some of them in the product description, and collection description and wrote some blog...
  11. Outc@st

    Picking Keywords

    I’m currently looking over a few keywords in Ahrefs that I’m considering writing an article on. Now I was wondering what you all use to determine if you should go for the keyword. I’m already using a KD% of less than 20. When I look at the top 10 results in Ahrefs it says the highest page...
  12. BacklinkCompany

    Keyword COMPETITION without TOOL.

    How do you guys check a keyword competition manually without any TOOL? There are many ways but I'd like to collect all ways in one thread. So let's do this here.
  13. Chielou June

    [Method] How to find keywords which can rank faster

    In the SEO world, faster is always better. The faster you can get your keywords to rank, the better off you'll be. Here are some tips on how to find keywords which can rank faster. Use keyword research tools - There are a number of great keyword research tools out there that can help you find...
  14. TheDankChocolate

    [Guide] How to find low competition PAAs directly? A Breif Guide

    This is going to be a brief guide on how to find PAAs directly without any research. Before beginning with the Guide let me explain as to what PAA is actually. What is PAA? PAA is an abbreviation for People Also Ask. These are the questions people have already been asking on Google. So...
  15. TheDankChocolate

    Amazon Ranking for the keywords I am trying to rank

    Hello Everyone, The time has come to move on to a new project. I plan my blogging venture in three phases: Research Implementation Adaption So, right now I am in the research phase and I came across a few (buyer's intent) keywords that I see a lot of Amazon pages ranking and a couple of other...
  16. K

    Time frame of "Ahrefs' Competing Domains"

    I am using Ahrefs to check the keyword gap. Is the data collected above within a month or how much time? P.S. I really love this forum:)
  17. V

    Keyword Optimization, Canonical Question For SEO Experts

    Have a question for SEO experts here. I have a page(Page1) that is optimized for ‘online x classes for y’ and it ranks well on the first page. But the volume for this keyword is low and there is another similar keyword ‘online x1 classes for y’ which has decent volume. x and x1 are almost like...
  18. Moerad_74

    Please Need some Help (New Domain SEO & Wich Revenue Model to choose?) Thankyou!

    Hello Lovely Blackhatworld Members, I need some help with my New website + Domain please, if i may I have yesterday found a keyword ; Tandenbleken. This keyword search montly is 22.300. (Ubbersuggest, keywordplanner google) i have direct registered the .com domain. -...
  19. annaalford

    What is keyword density

    Hi guys Can you tell me please what is keyword density? Expert opinion, please
  20. D

    Low Competition, Easy to Rank, High CPC Keywords [India] [Updated Daily] [Giving Back]

    Dear Members, This post is for our friends from India! Over the past few days, I have learned so much on this forum. The tricks, tools and techniques on this forum are something which I could never think of myself. I have specifically learned a great deal about SEO, Keyword Research, CPC...
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