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  1. M0805

    My Affiliate Journey - FROM 0$ TO 150$ MONTHLY !

    Hello BHW! I'm starting to do affiliate marketing with digistore24 products. I am starting to do affiliate marketing for the first time where I have knowledge of digital marketing. I will also not invest any money in marketing. It will all come down to organic marketing. Now, what is my plan...
  2. B

    My journey to 50 $ through automated pinterest

    I am creating an automated Pinterest affiliate promotion system. The system will consist of a bunch of fake accounts that promote certain items from Amazon. It will be written in python and C++. So far I have the libraries setup and I am beginning the programming.
  3. zimba

    [Journey] Authority Affiliate site (Not Amazon) + Adsense + Featured Ads

    Authority E-commerce Affiliate site (Not Amazon) + Adsense + Featured Ads So basically I have a friend/client who likes what I do online and asked me to partner in a project. He will pay for everything the site needs (content, link building, promotions, etc.) and ill have to do the work...
  4. SeoProMatt

    My Affiliate Journey From Scratch to $1,000/month 6 months

    Hey guys, I have been an affiliate marketer for about 2 years now and am ready to conduct a journey where I build a website from scratch to $1,000/month is 6 months. What have I done so far in week 1. 1. Purchased expired domain DA: 20 TF: 8 2. Built website basics 3. Added the first article...
  5. SeoProMatt

    I've Decided to Stop Working Alone

    Hey guys, my name is Matt. I'm a fairly active member her at BHW. I started Affiliate marketing about a year and a half ago. I had slow growth and now I'm making about $800-$1,000/month. I have always worked alone. Just me and youtube videos to do everything. Building a site, building PBNs...
  6. SeoProMatt

    Diversifying my Traffic, Building a Traffic Empire

    So recently, I was getting all my traffic mostly from one forum. Pretty good traffic too. I was making about $750-$1,000/month just from answering questions on this forum Everything was going really well. Then, the forum hires new moderators that decide to ban me. Suddenly my income goes from...
  7. SeoProMatt

    Do your Friends/Family know you Make Money Online?

    I was just curious about others in the community. I have been building affiliate sites for about 3 years now and no one really knows what I do. It's been kind of lonely, BHW is the only thing keeping me sane. They all think I'm just an average college student that is busy with his studying but...
  8. MidnightRambo

    [Journey] Road to 5k/month with Builderall

    Introduction: I'm active in affiliate marketing for about three years (most of the time with small niche sites), but always wanted to start something completely new. About two weeks ago i heard about Builderall for the first time and wanted to give it a try. For everyone who doesn't know...
  9. I

    [JOURNEY] My Jouney to Amazon Affiliate Website ($10 per day)

    Hello, First of all let me tell you a bit about myself. I am an engineering student. I have a few problems in my life and it can be solved with money. Which is why I am starting an amazon affiliate website. You read the title right. My first milestone will be reached when I make $10 a...
  10. ch3sty

    Back at it, my second try with affiliate earnings. Goal $500/month

    Hey, I guess I should start of with introducing myself, I'm 27 years old and been hunting that passive income on and off since I was 22. My last journey here was actually my last try as well. Even though I didn't update the thread I reached $100-150 /month. Which were 300% more than my...
  11. Gabriel Damian

    CPA + Twitter | Succes Journey

    Hello Guys. First of all let me present. My name is Damian and I live in a little country called Romania, near Russia =)). I’m trying affiliates from 7 months and I have learned a lot of thing along this time. Now my income is around 3-5$ a day, but this is growing constantly, and until the...
  12. DJ.Bud

    [Journey] WebMinati's Methods to grow an Affiliate site to $1000 per day till Jan'2019

    AIM: To reach $100 per day till March 2018 with this website. Whats the plan? I will choose 3 keywords quarterly and try to rank for them using Services on BHW :) What have i done till now: Keyword research(Have over 100 keywords which i can target) Outsourced Informational articles (15...