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[Journey] Authority Affiliate site (Not Amazon) + Adsense + Featured Ads

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by zimba, Sep 11, 2019 at 4:48 PM.

  1. zimba

    zimba Registered Member

    Sep 17, 2014
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    Authority E-commerce Affiliate site (Not Amazon) + Adsense + Featured Ads

    So basically I have a friend/client who likes what I do online and asked me to partner in a project. He will pay for everything the site needs (content, link building, promotions, etc.) and ill have to do the work (building the website, SEO plan & execution, posting the articles etc.) he will invest his money and I'll invest my time.

    The Idea:

    Build an authority country specific top lists website that can be easily monetized in different ways. Every post on the website should be longer and better than any other list sites in the same country if any.


    Our lists are based on 3 things.

    1. There will be list posts created for generating traffic and easy rankings for Adsense.

    2. Top Products and comparison list posts that will have affiliate products.

    3. Top Local Businesses and services list which can have featured ads sold to local businesses


    SEO - Social - Paid ads

    1. SEO
    • Keyword research & Content: Basic - The strategy here will be different as i take any keyword research tool results with a grain of salt. Instead, I will be posting not so great quality content or even poor content in the beginning and a lot of it and the posts will be a minimum of 1500 words.

    • I will then check which posts that are getting traffic and rankings and hand them over to our writer to rewrite the poor content and turn it into great quality posts.

    • On-page - Won't be touched except in the article title until the above point is done.

    • Internal linking - each affiliate money page will have 3 to 6 blog posts linking to it. For example, lets say we have golf affiliate products we want to promote then i will post 3 to 6 articles like - top places to play golf in (country) - Steps to take to become a better golfer - Benefits of playing golf etc. All linked to an affiliate money page which topic will be like - top list of golf equipment you can buy in (country)

    • Link building - will start slow and build more as the site grows but basically it will consist of the usual suspects: foundational, citations, real social signals by running ads on social media, pbns, press release, country, and niche specific guest posts, Q&A sites
    2. Social media
    • Will be focusing mostly on Facebook as it is the most used in that specific country but will also build up Instagram, Pinterest, and twitter pages slowly as the site grows.
    3. Paid Ads
    • After cleaning the website and improving the quality of the articles I will start posting it on social media and run small ads to the blog posts to get some social signals and a little bit of traffic. Pixel will be installed as well.

    • Will try to make some viral controversial lists and run FB ads to it.
    Why am I sharing this, I want to stay accountable and get stuff done, as I said before someone is investing his money into this and I don't want to disappoint him and waste my time as well. I am always learning and looking for feedback and recommendations and this thread could encourage someone to share his knowledge and experience and help out in some way or another. Constructive criticism is highly appreciated

    Progress: Website already built and I have around 20 articles posted.
  2. zimba

    zimba Registered Member

    Sep 17, 2014
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    1st update:

    23 articles posted so far some keywords are already ranking on first page without backlinks.

    1 affiliate article written around 6000 words will still add the affiliate links and product images and post it tomorrow.

    Next update I'll show some screenshots form Google analytics and serp rankings