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Jun 6, 2017
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I'm active in affiliate marketing for about three years (most of the time with small niche sites), but always wanted to start something completely new.

About two weeks ago i heard about Builderall for the first time and wanted to give it a try.

For everyone who doesn't know much about Builderall it's something like Clickfunnels with 30% recurring comission for the first tier and 30% recurring comission for the second tier. But because i'm an ambassador i get 60% first tier, 30% second tier and 7% tier 3,4,5...,n comission

My Goal for the first two months:
Start slow but gain speed every month.

  • Creating multiple Instagram Accounts for Affiliate Marketers or Network Marketers who could be interested in Builderall
  • Mass Sending Messages on Facebook
  • I'm aiming for 50-100 Clicks a Day on my Builderall Affiliatelink
What i've done:
  1. Bought a VPS
  2. Set up Jarvee for three IG Accounts (if it works, i'll buy some proxies and will create more Accounts)
  3. Set up Jarvee for my business Facebook profile where i'm sending out about 50 messages a day (is this ok, or is this too much?) so people will use my chatbot on my fb page (where i'll promote them builderall)
  4. Created a Facebookpage Chatbot where i'm promoting Builderall
Income and Expenditure:

  1. Builderall one time comission: 0
  2. Builderall recurrin comission: 0
  1. Server: 20 (23) per month
  2. Builderall Ambassador: 90 (100) per month
  3. Jarvee: 20 per month
  4. Phone numbers: 10

What do you think? I'm thinking about adding some Tumblr or Pinterest Blogs, does any of you tried these Networks before for Affiliate Promotions?