1. R

    Jarvee Expert needed

    Hello, I am looking for a professional user in automated marketing software like "Jarvee" and "Socinator" to guide and consult me about the benefits and limitations for different social media channels like Twitter, Telegram, Instagram, Youtube, Facebook and usage of different types of proxies...
  2. M

    Jarvee Expert

    I am looking for someone to provide me assistance in growing my account on IG using the M/C Method and Jarvee. I can provide the child accounts, proxies, and VPS i'm looking to manage my own network of accounts i'd like to start with a 100 accounts and then scale up. I'm looking for someone...
  3. S

    Efficient alternative to Socinator & Jarvee

    exists some alternative to socinator and jarvee that works efficiently without burn server cpu resources and hasn't a lot of bugs? or also that works on linux I tried socinator: it has less options in some social platforms than jarvee & MP, and also is a lot of unnstable The most efficient tool...
  4. dilder

    0 new followers have been extracted and sent to contact members - Error 2021 (Jarvee/Instagram)

    I have just started using jarvee again after some time and set up everything as I used to and already got multiple followers on each account, but it still gives me the message "0 new followers have been extracted and sent to contact members jarvee" wich doesn't make any sense to me. I have...
  5. P

    Jarvee Instagram Face Verification

    Hey there. So I've been using only one account with jarvee and almost everyday Instagram asks me to do a video recording showing my face to prove that I'm human. I'm only removing a few followers per day, however I'm not using any 4G proxy, only the custom one from the laptop. What should...
  6. P

    Any instagram scraper to analyse followers?

    So I've been looking for any website that can analyze my followers and identify the inactive ones and their countries Do you guys know any? Thanks a lot
  7. choco_lizard

    Running Jarvee for only an hour a day.

    Hello fellow blackhatlads, I have heard that you can currently set the Jarvee interval at 130-180 follows during an interval of 8-19 hours a day, and be pretty confident that you will not run into trouble. I was wondering if these settings would change a lot if I only opened up Jarvee once a...
  8. tilotd

    How To Scrape Instagram Followers By Count (Jaarvee/Instagram)

    How do you scrape Instagram Followers with a large following or at least over 5k-10k followers? I only find scrapers that offer to scraper multiple accounts but they are usally some very small (unimportant) accounts.
  9. greyfarmer600

    How to automate group postying in 2021?

    Hi, I want to automate the activity of sharing posts into groups. Pilotposter, safeposte, maherposter - these are all software clones and they do not work. It requires you to generate an access token which seems to flag something on facebooks end, they end up banning the account within 5...
  10. L

    WTH Jarvee/Mass Planner expert for project

    We need a developer with experience with Jarvee/Mass Planner to help with a project we have. Would include mass account creation, warming of accounts, experience in mass DM services, as well as this type of project in general. We have a large client base, and can't use third party services...
  11. Nessuno

    Instagram Scrapping

    I have a list of 3 users I want to scrape all of their followings with specific informations. I know there are plenty of programs/software out there but I want a freelancer to do that for me cause I don't want to go through the headache. If you can help, let me know
  12. dilder

    Jarvee/ MP Group By Tag - Out Of Control!

    Does anyone know how to get an actual order in Jarvee when using "group by tag"? Even if I for example use tag names likes: T1, T2, T3, T4 Jarvee would still give me some random ordering of those and not in order. There must be some kind of logic behind and I would appreciate if you would...
  13. dilder

    How Do You Split Accounts When Using 4G Proxy? (Jarvee)

    How do you split account when using 4G proxies? I haven't found any option to split those accounts proficiently. For example 12 accounts using 1 proxy, each account using the proxy 2 hours a day until another account uses the proxy.
  14. Bloodseeker

    Is there any similar service like FollowLiker or Jarvee for Reddit?

    I want to automatically add comments to new posts in some communities that I am not a mod of. Is there any tool or bot available for this purpose?
  15. dilder

    4G Proxies | I'm confused?!

    So, ff you buy a 4G proxy, you will only get 1x proxy as I just got to know. And 1x proxy can maximal handle 20 accounts (IG). Does that mean you guys use multiple of such 4G proxy “packages”? For example 1x 4G proxy costs 60$, you’ll buy it 10x times (=600$)?
  16. dilder

    (Jarvee/Instagram) How much GB a day? 4G/3G Proxies

    Since there seem to be also limited mobile proxy packages, how much GB a day do I need for about 100 Instagram accounts?
  17. dilder

    (Jarvee/Instagram) Private vs. Shared? 4G Proxies (

    Are there private 4G/3G proxies and if so are they better? Are shared ones still recommended?
  18. dilder

    4G Proxies really that good?! (Jarvee - Instagram)

    I have heard about people using 10-20 accounts per proxy with 4G/3G proxies. Are they really that much better then other proxies? I know one reason is because they are of course mobile and most people use their mobile data apparently to use Instagram. But 20 accounts seems quite extreme.. I am...
  19. dilder

    All Scrapers Email Verification! Jarvee

    Hello, I just checked my scraper accounts and I am more then shocked. over 90% got an email verification after only 1-2 days! I have very strict API limits, but yet this happened. Could it be that I use to little scrapers? I currently got 72 main accounts and 65 main accounts. *I lost "only"...
  20. crentisthecrentist

    Proxies and profile creation

    I'm diving deep into the world of using LinkedIn to generate leads for a B2B product. At first I was buying LinkedIn profiles from sellers here but I realized that if I don't know how they're creating them (ie: it's some random dude using a crappy data center proxy) then that profile will be...