ip addresses

  1. Z

    PBN: 50 Sites, 50 individual IPs, single server. Thoughts?

    I have a pbn, but i'm getting tired of trying to find new hosting providers that are in budget, reliable, etc... I know in WHM, I can assign different IPs to each site on my Krystal reseller. Could I get away with using something like buying IPs from priorityprospect.com and hosting all the...
  2. Age of Browsing

    Seekiing an IP / Domain Name Expert To Keep An Anonymous Website Open to the Public

    I am publishing a website of video excerepts from various sources that might violate DMCA rules at times. I will be using an anomyous site host that ignores DMCA complaints. However, I want to find a way to prevent Google from blocking my site, either through banning the domain name or by...
  3. P

    Your account has been disable.(Facebook) Blacklisted IP's?

    Hello guys, I have problems with facebook i got to many disable accounts right i press button 'SIGH UP' I think that problem is with IP's? Is there any website or tool to check if my IP is blacklisted by FACEBOOK? I use VPN software for changing IP's and I want to check my IP if is blacklisted...
  4. T

    How to change ip adress to elite mode freely

    hello every one.how to change number of ip addreses to different locations to access sites in which proxies and vpns are strictly prohbited in general i want to change my ip address and i should not caught up that im using proxies or vpn because my account get banned.please any one help me
  5. G

    How Can I Post from Varied IP Addresses?

    I'm promoting a coupon code but my competitors are downvoting it even though it works fine. Instead of watching it fade into oblivion I'd like to upvote it so it can be seen, but have exhausted my own IP address and that of friends. I'm looking for sites/software that can help me vary my IP...
  6. S

    Making your own proxy server for your own private proxies

    Hello everyone, Thanks for the forum and all of your advise. I have been reading for month now I thanks to many of you I have learned tons. Reading a post about comparing squid proxies a with buyproxies. I read that ija61 made his own proxy server that maintains about 30-40 private ip's. Since...
  7. G

    Micro-site hosting and C-blocks

    I have an idea and I am looking for input on it. I have only recently gotten in to SEO (2-3 years) and I was hoping I could bounce some ideas off some people here. I am looking to build a computer to act as a server to host micro-sites, along with act as an intranet for my new company. From...
  8. EnlightenedOne

    Simple way anyone can get a fresh IP adress. Airplane Mode!

    IDK if this has been shared. If so, sorry for the repost. If not, here is the post: Now, assuming you have a smart phone with a data plan, all you have to do is switch on airplane mode and switch it off. That's the short of it, but here is the long: If you are doing stuff like posting ads or...
  9. A

    Assigning US IPs to foreign traffic

    My question: Is it possible, on a dedicated server, to automatically assign a US IP address to a user logging on from a foreign (non US) country? Example: a user logs on to a site from Romania, with a Romanian IP address. But open entry, his Romanian IP address is over-written by a US IP. If...
  10. M

    I have 4 different computers with 4 different accounts

    I have 4 different computers that I specially use for this website, I had on each computer a separate account opened not until last week I had this website shut down all four accounts. They told me that i'm creating different accounts under the same IP...so I created new accounts for the 4...
  11. W

    Does Tor Reuse The Same Ip Address???

    I was wondering if tor reuses the same ip addresses ?
  12. M

    I can get a/18 and /19 and /24's on demand

    So now what? Besides the obvious with email .. what can I do with that many IP's on the SEO side to make money? Provider is .. discret, no swift info on your name, and does not respond to abuse in general :) What would you do with so many IP's? Let me know !
  13. giveitlegs

    Hmm. Need 30 Class IPs to host WordPress...

    Need 30 Class IPs to host WordPress...... ....but really don't want to pay much more than $100 per month,... is there any hosting service out there that can work with this? I saw a thread on here before,... but it was weird because I guess it could not accept payment from me here in the...
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