Does Tor Reuse The Same Ip Address???

yes, you can get the same exit node (IP) multiple times

here's all the IPs tor uses at any given time:
and here's a guide how you can force tor to use specific exit node(s):
yeah , i think so .. anyway this behavior doesn't compromises TOR specs so it depends on the implementation... so it can reuse the same ip , but is it very rare
it doesn't make a difference because, all your data is divided and pass through different IPs and that is how tor works.
Just keep restarting tor (ie use the "new identity" feature) until you get a different IP. You might have to restart several times until you get a usable connection with a new exit node.
Not sure what you are using tor for - but keep in mind there many compromised exit nodes that can read all of your traffic, and even MITM attack your SSL connection...
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