1. O

    Browser Automation Studio

    Does anyone who uses BAS know if there is a working tor module to use with scripts? I've found two different tor modules but both of them seem to be broken, and I haven't found a way to get them to work. Everything works okay during the record phase, but after compiling neither of them are...
  2. HankaRobotics

    TOR + Anti bot detection / Fingerprint Management

    [ First, let's get something straight, 100% airgap anonymity isn't achievable. If the attacker is funded and motivated enough, he'll get ya. If you found this thread trying to commit anything wildly illegal, you'll get caught eventually. ] Hi guys, I've launched myself into this project ...
  3. O

    extreme newbie alert - don't come hard on me - What's the deal with proxies

    Hello everyone I just registered to this website. I just happened to stumbled upon this forum and have a question: whats the deal with proxies? As in wouldn't choosing to go with a vpn or just opening up tor browser be a lot safer? As I stated, I'm a newbie so don't judge too hard lol.
  4. ristoriel

    Running multiple TOR Browsers?

    Anyone know how to run multiple Tor Browser instances with each having their own unique ip?
  5. F

    Looking for an experienced programmer that wants to do long term business

    As title says
  6. Abudence

    The deep web hidden internet dark tor is going clearnet

    What's your thoughts! The deep web is slowly going clearnet because of the legalization of weed & oil. When more drugs go legal the more clearnet some of the vendors go! Medical stuff too. This creates more affiliate opportunities
  7. madissan

    Search for VPN

    Are there vpn services that offer a direct connection to vpn via a tor? I mean without using the tor output node. Something like that: PC -> First Vpn (only for hide tor traffic from isp) -> Tor -> Second Vpn (connection only via tor hidden service, e.g vpn host name someonionaddress.onion) ->...
  8. A

    Will This Defeat Fingerprinting?

    The best advice - and most recent - I've managed to find so far about defeating fingerprint is : . Use Tor . Use VPN . Use Private Browsing. But I've been looking at 'amiunique' and 'panopticlick' and reading their material about just what fingerprinting is and somehow I doubt those steps will...
  9. G

    DarkWeb Hosting

    What is the best hosting service for a Darknet/Tor website with cpanel access
  10. S

    Need a Bot to Sign Online Petition

    Hi, I need a bot or program to use the info from an excel sheet which includes (name, email address, zipcode) and input them into an online petition form. It needs to work with tor browser and set tor to change IP address every 10 seconds. I have AWS virtual server available as well. Also it...
  11. W

    How do I set up multiple tor instances?

    I want to set up multiple tor instances, each with a different IP, to connect to multiple different URLs. How do I do that? Also, I read I could do the same thing with multiple firefox profiles and a proxy extension. Is that true?
  12. D

    Hack using tor or VPN

    Hello everyone. I want to know how can I hack using Tor Network or TorGuard VPN. How I use tor IP for hacking? Thanks everyone.
  13. RSocks

    VPN - Secure and anonymous VPN service. Single, Double, Onion. Free test. BHW-50% OFF

  14. CheeseKing

    Seeking tech content/blog post writer

    I'm looking for someone to write website reviews and blog posts about Tor (.onion) dark net sites. Someone who is knowledgeable about the use of Tor and who can reliably do a bit of research themselves. PM me samples and $/100 word quote.
  15. aka_ab

    Is there any ad network that pays for Tor traffic?

    Do you know any ad network that pays for Tor traffic?
  16. 1337x

    Help Me..!! Tor Browser

    Hello friend, Question No 1: I am using Tor Browser. When I Click on New identity In tor I get every time new IP Or New Identity that good. But I want to ask what can I "Get an IP in a Specific Country" every time when I click on New Identity. If Yes Please Answer With Full tutorial...

    What’s the Difference Between Tor , VPN and Proxy?

    What is Tor? Tor or “The Onion Router” is a service created to allow people to anonymously browse the Internet. It is a decentralized system that allows users to connect through a network of relays rather than making a direct connection. The benefit of this method is that your IP address is...
  18. Adam Webb

    Tips on using darknet/ web?

    I would like to be pointed at some TOR browsers or worthwhile sites to browse whilst I am riding the onion. .....totally a grown ass man ...
  19. F

    Tor facebook verification?

    Hello. Yesterday I've tried to create fake facebook account using tor browser. I couldn't use it, because of verification. First there was phone verification, which I bypassed using public internet phone numbers. I could use my fake account for half an hour, and then facebook prompted to verify...
  20. B

    TOR youtube views !

    hi guys i just want to know can i use tor browser in virtualbox for youtube views can i do this forever or i will get banned ! TOR better thn proxies or vise versa ! tell me ur experience thnx
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