Making your own proxy server for your own private proxies


Jun 24, 2014
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Hello everyone,

Thanks for the forum and all of your advise. I have been reading for month now I thanks to many of you I have learned tons.

Reading a post about comparing squid proxies a with buyproxies. I read that ija61 made his own proxy server that maintains about 30-40 private ip's. Since I read that three hours ago I have not stopped searching on how to do that.

If any (including ija61) could share how to do that. I may be very interested. I am pretty savvy with computers, I have been working with them since 1984. I know enough to follow a good tutorial. Again any help in finding out how to do this. Even it is just a good search term. I checked Google and Youtube and they all mention making a proxy server that will cloak you browsing, but not one that can be used to create/maintain ip addresses.

Thanks in advance
232 views and not response. You must think I'm trolling.

This must be the best keep secret on the Internet (and those that now it aren't sharing) or the answer is right under my nose and I can't see it. I bet on the former.

EDIT: You started this thread in wrong forum. Better choose the correct section next time.
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Thanks for the heads up, I must have search for about 5 hours, I didn't come across Squid. Now I have to go to school to figure this out. Now I see why people buy proxies.
Good luck with your journey mate. I wish you all the best. :)
Rent a dedicated server or VPS and add a bunch of additional IPs to it. If you're lucky, you'll find an understanding provider who will let you request IPs from a few different /24s and who will also tolerate the potential "spam" complaints. Then you can either setup and use squid on the box to create an actual proxy server, or you can use NATing to direct traffic through a desired IP. (Note: NATing and proxying are different)
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