1. uhq

    How have you made your first $100 ONLINE? :D

    Hello, I'm here to open a discussion and hear your oppinions, and methods you used to make your first $100 ONLINE. You're open to talk about the businesses ventures you experienced, the businesses you did, how you accomplished to earn $100 online or just type what you did. I'm open to hear...
  2. K

    Learn From Failure

    Successful People Learn From Failure One of the good things about successful people is the way they see and use failure. Yes ‘use,’ that’s right, failure could be used. Every situation and circumstance, whether good or bad, can be used to our advantage. Successful people utilize this...
  3. K

    My Thoughts On How To Develop Self-Discipline

    Practice Self-discipline "All excellence involves discipline and tenacity of purpose". John W. Gardner. Okay, some people think self-discipline is extremely difficult and meant for the super-rich. But honestly, everyone has self-discipline at a point in time. Like when you decided to go to...
  4. K

    One Major Cause Of Frustration And Giving Up On goals/career/work

    Working Without A Plan I'll tell you two sure ways to fail: one, work without a plan. Two, plan without working. A plan shows you what actions you need to take step by step to realize your goal. In that case, working without a plan would mean shooting into the forest without aiming at your...
  5. K

    One Thing I Do To Stay Happy And Positive

    One Thing I Do To Stay Happy And Positive This is one of my inventions(for myself of course) to stay happy. Though it is something most people already do. I called it my invention to stay happy because I usually got depressed, and had a mood swing problem. In my journey I discovered that...
  6. Josh Saga

    [Mindset Thread] I've Never Thought of It This Way

    Hey All, Again, I'm at the lounge, and frequently we see people with a negative mentality. I chose to put this up so we can give guides/tips to members who've been frustrated with their IM Journey. I think we can structure this as we first introduce how long we've been on the game, what was...
  7. shapo86

    Free Himalayan Institute care package for COVID-19

    I found this while browsing my Facebook timeline and I thought I should share it with you "Our care package to you—meditations, classes, and inspirational messages for building mental, emotional, and physical resilience in these unprecedented times. Free for everyone—share with your loved...
  8. S

    Your most inspirational thread at BHW ?

    I see lot of inspirational journeys and method in this forum. Wanted to know what member/post/thread inspired you the most in this forum ?
  9. HsSnFire

    Good luck

  10. mkilic

    Instagram Accounts: Automating the Content Creation Process?

    Hello BHW, Still a noob in this community so please excuse my silly question if it is one... Story: I created an very niche inspirational Instagram page and started making posts to attract the specific type of followers. In about a month of doing so I got to around 300-400 followers...
  11. T

    New Life Comes From A "NEW MIND" and A New Way of Looking At Your Life

    I have had some success online, different ventures, different experiments. I work from home and don;t have to work a 9-5 but what is most important is how you look at the world, this was the differentiating factor. This will determine how quickly you progress in LIFE What are the top 5 most...
  12. Djwillster123

    Don't Let Anyone Bring You Down

    Hey guys! I'm new to the forum and there is something that i wanted to get off my chest recently after browsing around this forum. I always see people bringing other members down whenever they start a new journey thread or release a method on how to make money online. I just wanted to let...
  13. M


    hey bhw I need a little inspiration please :) I am just now getting back into cpa and I started out about 3 years ago but stopped for other reasons. but I made a total of around like 5$ in cpa comish. now, im trying to buy a laptop just for internet marketing! should I spend around 400$ on a...
  14. P

    Help me find a motivational poster/image!

    Hi guys, I want to buy a poster which i can hang above my desk. Something motivational. If you have any really inspiring or motivational posters or even just images on the internet, i would really appreciate a link to them. Ideally something that pumps you up. Looking forward to anyones...
  15. briptech

    [Motivational Thread] I Just Reached 200 Sales on Fiverr

    Hello BHWers, I just reached my mark for 200 sales on Fiverr and I would love to share my results here with you. I started my venture on Fiverr about 2 years ago, and during early days it was really difficult to get sales. There was (and still there is) so much competition and consequently...
  16. S

    $218,039 in 6 Months with my Zipper Down

    No I will not be showing you my wiener. Please don't PM for that. I am always making notes of my thoughts in my phone. Sometimes business stuff, marketing, philosophical and otherwise just jokes about genitals...and I decided to put a few of those notes together in short video (2 parts)...
  17. Tunenchi

    67 emotions of online success

    I found this page and thought that others might find it as inspiring as I did. Sorry it is long and am new so couldn't post a link,please Check it out. Yesterday, a reader emailed me this: Ok. I've added you to my "HEROS" list on Twitter because you're absolutely one of the people I've come...
  18. yoyo33

    Inspirational podcast / article for IM's and SEO's

    The beauty of it I think rely on the fact they never mention seo or internet marketing :) I can't write a resume of the podcast, but I think is a must read for any seo, one of the best 15 min spent this week for me. Here is the link...
  19. D

    Some Music - I'm Bored

    I believe I Can Fly
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