New Life Comes From A "NEW MIND" and A New Way of Looking At Your Life

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    I have had some success online, different ventures, different experiments. I work from home and don;t have to work a 9-5 but what is most important is how you look at the world, this was the differentiating factor. This will determine how quickly you progress in LIFE

    What are the top 5 most valuable currencies in the world?

    1. Time( its the one thing you never get back and becomes exponentially more valuable with every passing second)

    2. Energy (allows you to make use of your time)

    3. Knowledge (allows you to effectively make use of time and energy)

    4. Goals (gives direction to your time, energy, and knowledge)

    5. Money (Allows you to speed up the process of attaining your goals)

    In math when you try and solve an equation but things don't match up you look for a common denominator. If you try to solve equations in life you'll see the common denominator is energy. Understanding this allows you to use your energy more effectively. People always say use your time wisely, but this is something you don't have control over, energy input/output you can control. Use your energy wisely GL
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    Welcoem to BHW nice introduction