hosting companies

  1. holyemmyjoe

    Web Hosting Suggestions Needed

    Please I have been using a hosting platform here but they only accept Paypal and Cryptocurrency payment. I'm seeking for a hosting platform that accept Credit Cards; PayPal has refused me the use of my cards for payment. I just want to host a script, please cheap hosting, I don't have much.
  2. Norman_drey

    Web hosting service

    Is there any reliable site that offers unlimited bandwidth and storage for reseller plan
  3. ReaL_GainZ

    [CHEAP] Unlimited Hosting $3.97 | SALE .com Domain $10 | CHEAP VPN SERVICES

    Refund policy You're able to get a refund if our hosting isn't accessible at all. We do not refund orders for streaming/file hosting purposes (like mediafire. We do allow files to be uploaded to your website), as we don't allow these to be hosted. For any other reason than that, there are no...
  4. Iamdrseo


    Anyone using here server avatar? I used serverpilot alot but we know that it's now paid please tell me anyone used this? Also how many traffic it can hold.upto
  5. ZAIN CH

    Best Hosting Reseller ?

    i need best and cheap main hosting resellers.
  6. akshay_saini

    How much should I charge for guest post on my DA75 and DA55 websites?

    Been receiving lots of inquiries from various advertisers (hosting companies and review sites as well) looking to purchase guest posts with ******** links on my two websites. Here are some stats: SITE #1 Domain Authority (DA): 75 Domain Rating (DR): 70 Alexa ranking: 30.000 Language: English...
  7. HenryObi

    What Website Host Do You Know Offer Auto Scaling And Can Handle 1k Visitors Interacting With The Sit

    I'm looking for a reliable hosting that offers auto scaling and can handle over 1k users Interacting with the site at once. When I say Interacting, I don't mean merely reading articles on the site. I mean something like playing a quiz which makes requests every... Very few hosting providers...
  8. IM Dude

    Truth about siteground grow big shared hosting plan

    here is the site ground grow big if you dont know: So the selling point is unlimited sites. heres how many wordpress sites you can get ~ 50. How much actual web space you gonna get ~ 10GB how? Heres my account stats Important thing to note is inodes. Inodes is the number of files that a...
  9. E

    Hosting VPS For Nootropics.

    I have now been looking for relevant hosting for about two weeks. Without result! Now, creating this thread with the hope that someone can guide me to the right company. I'm going to sell Nootropics like Modafinil for example. Should be offshore, not in the Netherlands, Offshore means outside...
  10. Starblazer

    What is best configuration for wordpress site on DigitalOcean VPS?

    I know that many BHW users are using DigitalOcean and like it. I wanted to give it a try for a wordpress website. I'm currently using a shared hosting and planning to move to a VPS. There are many options for OS and other settings in digitalocean. I just want a configuration that gives best...
  11. zneve08

    Dedicated Server Website Hosting?

    Can anyone recommend the best/most affordable dedicated server hosting provider for load speed times? Websites way outgrown shared hosting and want to keep it loading faster. Most users based in Australia/Oceania.
  12. natureguy

    VPS hosting Or Cloud Hosting?

    Hello to all the members of BHW,i want to buy a good fast and reliable hosting for my website.would you like to recommend me which hosting is good for is two option one is VPS and second is Cloud hosting.Which one is best?
  13. Roger Marquez

    Hosting Service Question

    If you had to spend $50 for 1 year of hosting service...What hosting service provider would you choose? Take into account that im mostly going to be doing affiliate marketing. Particulaty promoting CPA offers through one-page landing pages . So im just getting started and don´t know the amount...
  14. Maverick1111

    looking fore cheapest hosting available.

    I have a small site, it's about 250MB just an information site, I am looking for cheapest hosting asap with free migration with one company email with it, please share your suggestions.
  15. shadow5

    Cheapest Hosting Services for PBN?

    SO... what are we all using for our PBN hosting nowadays? Namecheap is obviously cheap. Hostgator isn't too bad. What other shared hosting companies are you guys using?
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