1. S

    Question about creating porn game and how to cover it

    Hey so I want to create porn game but creating porn game in my country,which is Indonesia, is Illegal but I want to do it anyway. How do I cover my track? The way it works is I create the game, create patreon account (since it is supporting adult game) and get fans support from patreon. I was...
  2. JeanFerreira

    How to hide Adsense to logged in users?

    Hello everyone, It's good to be back, it's been a while since I posted here, hope everyone is doing good, I would like to know if there's any piece of code missing here, I would like to hide AdSense auto-ads for logged in users, But every time I try to wrap Adsense code on this PMPro code...
  3. R

    Remove tagged photos (1000+)

    Hey guys! I am managing a page with 20k followers in the fitness/bodybuilding nieche but recently the franchise I was working for dumped the operation and i got to keep the account. I started to use it as my ecommerce's ig account but the problem i am facing now is the massive amount of...
  4. KJREDDY247@

    If someone limit other members to see their full profile on BHW...can we trust them?

    When someone posts their services or offers, JV's anything on BHW but still when i want to see their full profile to have a look at their previous activities on BHW forum i sees some profiles show "this person limits.....", ??? Does it mean like we should not trust those people to do a...
  5. imzeus

    Do I need to cloak instagram services for adwords and fb ads?

    Hi guys! I have a query. I sell Instagram likes/followers/comments and so forth. Do I need to cloak my website in order to use google adwords and fb ads? I do understand that selling IG services is against IG terms and conditions but I am unsure in this regard. Can you please help? Thank you...
  6. R

    How do you hide backlinks from your competitors?

    I want to know how I hide my website backlink to my competitors. If I hide my backlink its make negative result or positive result for my website. if I hide it google crawl it or not?
  7. Adamsheen

    [Need] Suggestions and Advice.

    Hi everyone, I am confuse where to post. I have a Hide my IP pro License key which i want to share with you free/nominal charge. Where to create my thread ??? any Mod suggestion/advice appreciable Thanks in advance.
  8. MissF

    Preventing advertiser to know my aff id if coming from my ads

    Hi guys, i really need your help! I was running a cpa offer and the advertiser came from my ads and saw that i'm running some aggressive stuff...so he pass my aff id to the aff manager and right now i'm banned to run traffic from the whole country, so what i'm looking to do right now is masking...
  9. L

    How do I hide my computer id from gmail?

    I know when I login to my email account, gmail notifies me that I just logged in with a mac or something? How do I prevent that or try to hide the computer id or fingerprint.? I am using proxies, and want each proxy to seem like it is on a separate computer. Even with deleting flash cookies...
  10. A

    how to hide referrer completly

    Hello all, i search alot for how to hide referrer i use many codes and script but not working finally i came here and post for help someone give me a double mata refresh code but its also not working he said that put that code on other site and when traffic come to that side it redirect to your...
  11. D

    How to hide devices on a network from visibilty?

    Let's say I'm on a network and I want to remain incognito:p, let's assume I have 3 clients connected to a router, actually no let's assume 4 clients are connected to a router. Client A=PS3 Client B=Digital Channel Streaming Box Client C=Windows running machine Client D=Also a machine running...
  12. K

    [Help] hiding facebook page insight about "most popular city"

    Hey guys I have seen many facebook pages which only show "Most popular Week" and "Most poular age group" when clicking on the "likes" tab on their facebook pages Does anyone have any idea how to do this, as i have gotten a bunch of new addmefast likes but their IPs are in like the middle of no...
  13. Thub15

    What Basic Precautions do you take?

    Hey all, just wondering what kind of things you have in place before you go walking on the interwebs. Like Proxies or spoofers or ip maskers. I googled "where am I" and it came up with a map of pretty much exactly where I am. I don't want this, obviously. Any thoughts that aren't involving...
  14. R

    Is Prosper202 too much for what I need ?!

    Hey :D Stop me if I'm wrong, Propser202 is a good and easy script ? As I said in the previous thread, I want to hide my traffic source to referrers from cpa networks. I just want to hide my referrers and that the script looks legit. I think Prosper202 is a good choice isn't it ? So the...
  15. Duckyshucky

    CPA hide the referrer (traffic from youtube)

    **CLOSED** I figured it out. Sorry for the waste of time! :D Hello, I'm offering money now, $10 to help me set this up. I'll add you on msn. I"ll be home from work in ~ 5 hours from now, it's 12:55 in US central time I'm brand new here and I really hoped I wouldn't have to ask any questions...
  16. N

    Do you know how to hide my IFRAME progress/loading in IE?

    Hello I have an IFRAME that refreshes itself every X seconds. But customers complain that Internet Explorer (and Firefox) display a Refresh progress/loading bar in the status bar of IE/FireFox each time the IFRAME refresh. Do you know how to hide : - the little text in the bottom left of...
  17. mystery

    Fast Redirection Service

    I'm looking for a fast redirection service, that can hide the original link from showing in the browser, or at least shows it so fast that no one can pick it up. Thanks...
  18. xenter

    CPA + Fake PPC + redirect = $$$money$$$. But how to protect yourself?

    Hello good people! I hope things are going well for you all. Ok I have a profitable campaign now using a CL method posted here in the forum. I used a simple redirect with a domain since I can't understand the double meta refresh as I am comp illiterate. I stopped the campaign for now because I...
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