Is Prosper202 too much for what I need ?!


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Apr 11, 2010
Hey :D

Stop me if I'm wrong, Propser202 is a good and easy script ?

As I said in the previous thread, I want to hide my traffic source to referrers from cpa networks.

I just want to hide my referrers and that the script looks legit.

I think Prosper202 is a good choice isn't it ?

So the question is, as I don't need to track my links, is Proper too much for what I need ?

Just hiding and looking legit :)

Thanks :)

I have used prosper for a while now and have no problems with it. I have used other similar scripts and lost traffic with links going down, or not updating properly.

In my opinion prosper is the best for my needs. I don't see it being too much for what you are doing either. Its always good to track traffic so it wont hurt to have the feature :)
Thanks a lot Onthegoaudio1, to be honnest that's the answer I hoped to have ;)

So it is good for CPA if we want to hide traffic ? Good for referrers, like this they don't know where the traffic comes from ?
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