prosper 202

  1. wealthcracker

    Prosper 202 - Pls Help!

    How to split test landing page and rotate offer on prosper 202. Please help.
  2. R

    Is Prosper202 too much for what I need ?!

    Hey :D Stop me if I'm wrong, Propser202 is a good and easy script ? As I said in the previous thread, I want to hide my traffic source to referrers from cpa networks. I just want to hide my referrers and that the script looks legit. I think Prosper202 is a good choice isn't it ? So the...
  3. R

    CPA redirector for this purpose ?!

    - Hi :D ! I would like to simply hide my traffic source from referers. I don't need to track anything like with prosper202 I just need to hide my traffic source and to not look suspicious of course :D I read all the threads I could about CPA redirector, ..But I still have a...
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