hiding the referrer

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    Is Prosper202 too much for what I need ?!

    Hey :D Stop me if I'm wrong, Propser202 is a good and easy script ? As I said in the previous thread, I want to hide my traffic source to referrers from cpa networks. I just want to hide my referrers and that the script looks legit. I think Prosper202 is a good choice isn't it ? So the...
  2. I

    Need to fake the referrer using CPA Money

    I am very close to finishing up a project I've been working on these past couple days. But I need help, I dont want to blank the the referrer, I want to fake one. I am using wordpress with CPA Money. Here is what I need my blog to do. -blogX.com has CPA MONEY (with obvious incentivized...
  3. B

    Anyone recommend a good CPA hide referrer plugin

    I was using CPA savior which worked great - but the fella who created it went awol and now looking for some really good ones out there for WP. Can any of you fine outstanding gentlemen or gentle ladies assist me in a keen recommendation?
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