How do you hide backlinks from your competitors?


Aug 3, 2017
I want to know how I hide my website backlink to my competitors. If I hide my backlink its make negative result or positive result for my website. if I hide it google crawl it or not?
You cannot hide backlinks from Google if you want to get ranked, but you can hide them from competitors who are using spying or competition analysis tools to outrank you. In my case, I use the spider blocker Wordpress plugin (which is free). It blocks many popular spying tools and bots, but by default it won't block Google and Yahoo bot.

But not I am not sure if this plugin is 100% effective since there are competitors who made this type of plugin but selling it for a price.
You can't, only backlinks coming from sites that you own...
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yes, you can use WP plugins to hide your backlink from your competitor, there is spyderspanker plugin.
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