How to hide devices on a network from visibilty?


Oct 19, 2012
Let's say I'm on a network and I want to remain incognito:p, let's assume I have 3 clients connected to a router, actually no let's assume 4 clients are connected to a router.
Client A=PS3
Client B=Digital Channel Streaming Box
Client C=Windows running machine
Client D=Also a machine running Windows

Scenario: Clients A+B+C are affiliated and want to keep their presence hidden from Client D. It's pretty easy to sufficently hide Client's C presence, obviously Clients A+B need the help of Client C to hide their presence also since they aren't running interactive OSs. Finally the question is how will Client C do it, also worth to mention that Client C has Backtrack 5 R3 at his disposal :)

This reminds Reservoir Dogs :D


P.S. Please do not question the motive
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