google play developer account

  1. spamco

    Create Multiple Google Play Developer Accounts - Wokring Method *2022*

    i tried this method for past few months and its working 100% You need = -vitrualbox -windows 7/10 noo need to activate it also dont use cracked versions -latest firefox also dont use old old version its kinda suspicious , and dont clear cockies ,data each time -disable webrtc in about:config...
  2. spamco

    IPS For Google play developer

    Hello guys, Google asking me for ID Card To Open Google play developer account I want a good vpn/proxy, What Vpn/proxy do u guys use without problems Thanks,
  3. Lukmat

    Create multiple Google Play accounts and Admob/Adsense accounts 2020 - avoid ID verification

    Hi, I see many people in 2020 have problem with multiple Google Play accounts creation. Some people in some countries have ID verification, not all cards are accepted by Google. So people getting common email from Google Play: There are methods to bypass this and stay under the radar. You...
  4. spamco

    Prior Violation - Google play console developer

    Hey guys Prior violation was the biggest problem In google play in 2020 so far Every account u open it, after u publish an app, you account get suspended because of prior violation Here some solutions : CHANGE ADMOB CHANGE SOURCE CODE CHANGE WHERE YOU CREATE/SIGN YOUR APP ( POSSIBLY Android...
  5. spamco

    Multilogin For Google Play Developer

    Hey Guys, IS multilogin works for creating multiple google play developer accounts Is anyone here are using it How was your experience with multilogin Do You Guys recommend it Thanks
  6. spamco

    The End Of Multiple Google Play Developer 2020

    Hey Guys , I Was Shocked Recently That Not Only Me But Lot Friends , Members Of This Forum And Other Forums , Complaining About Google Closing Their Accounts , I Lost 50 acc this Month , my friend lost 20 and the list goes on ... I Want Everyone To Share His Experience With prior violations /...
  7. spamco

    Problem Google Play Developer ID Verification

    Hey Guys, Unfortunately Google play developer start asking To Verify With ID Card, So That why I start using proxies and vpn, problem here that I always got caught and my accounts get suspended, so that why I start thinking to re create accounts with 4G internet, I can Make A Fake ID With...
  8. all_rock

    Two same apps and ban about

    Hello, i had an app and it is banned. I uploaded it again with new package name without change any code, key, image. Now my old banned app is reinstated by Google Play Team. There are two same app in my console now. My developer account can be banned, what must i do? I think i must transfer one...
  9. all_rock

    Does admob shows on google play and other markets?

    Hello, What does admob if i show ads on google play and other market? Does ads show unless the app is banned on google play? Can admob says this is invalid traffic?
  10. Lukmat

    High Quality Google Play Accounts

    I am offering high quality Google Play accounts (people who got ban in previous, legit account, know how hard is to get account again). Each account is FRESH: -is created in Poland with legit credit card and residental 3G IP from real mobile provider -is created on Vmware on fresh Windows 7...
  11. all_rock

    App submit is waiting long time for Google Play

    I know Google play is waited us for new app or update processing. How long time your app submit? Do it change according to select age? And is it a manual moderator control? Can be finish spam?
  12. all_rock

    Ads not showing after app removed and re-upload

    My app is removed 4 days ago on google play. And I re-uploaded it. There was no problem for 4 days. But today ads not showing. Match rate is 0. And any warning mail didn't come to me for ads. What can be reason? When it can be fix? Or What can I do for this? Thanks.
  13. Lukmat

    2019 Create Google Play Accounts Yourself - Do Not Waste Money For Resellers

    Welcome marketers, developers, application owners and BHW members. I am Luke, Android Developer for 2011, blackhat developer known as vinku on BHW. and owner of 300+ Google Play accounts, creator of few books and android courses. In this short document I want to sell you knowledge that can be...