google algorithm update

  1. Norman_drey

    Google affecting AI generated content?

    I think Google is against AI generated content, I'm always getting hit by Google update, I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I write content with chatgpt and rephrase everything with quilbot. Then index them with rankmath instant indexing API.
  2. Seo khan

    Your thoughts on Google Helpful Content Update

    Do you think there will be more weight to social media comments, shares, likes and general interaction related to content we produce? My own thoughts, if there is a lot of genuine interaction for the post on social media which links to the piece of content it is a signal that it is helpful and...
  3. O

    My subdomain suddenly excluded from Google Index - I need a freelancer to solve this problem

    My subdomain has been suddenly deindexed and excluded from Google Index. Everything seem perfect as the content is original. Google console error shows 'excluded page with redirect'. The subdomain has been indexed on Google for several years, it got suddenly deindexed 3 days ago. I have only 4...
  4. Atom Smasher

    Any Ideas? Massive Rankings Drop Started Sep 8th and Continuing

    Greetings, I am fairly new so I hope I am posting this in the right place. Site is built in WordPress in the retail niche and keyword rankings are down 3,715 spots, a decrease of 1222%. Lot of hard work looks like it is disappearing. I looked into the following: No manual actions. No security...
  5. unknownmehed

    Are you noticing Google Algorithm Update?

    I can see the shake of ranking. I have a few websites, and I can see the ranking change. Are you noticing ranking fluctuation?
  6. KHR

    Google Broad Core Algorithm Update

    Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update On March 12 & 13th. Details Here:
  7. JonnyCicci

    Anyone Else Seeing Strange SERP Results?

    I'm checking Google SERP these days for several websites in the review/affiliation niche. What I see is that the SERP is a total mess and results are not that relevant anymore. For instance, many websites with very low DA and poor backlink profile are ranking top 5 for major KWs. The pages that...
  8. K

    What are the Google algorithm updates happened so far?

    Doing SEO on your website is a good practice and providing relevant and quality result to the end users is a good practice for Search Engines. Google was the first search engine that decided to launch a search engine algorithm update because people started producing websites with low content...
  9. akr007

    Hit By Recent Google Algo? What to Do?

    Hello experts! Have you experienced a significant number of traffics drop recently? I have an electronics based niche site, and I had around 10 keywords in the first place and many in 1-5th positions. From around 5th December, my keywords started to lose their rankings and traffic dropped...
  10. Nitin Soni

    How to Recover The Google Medic Update ?

    On August 1, Google rolled out another big algorithm update. So now how to Recover from the Google Medic Update? please suggest.
  11. Akilan

    Google released any algorithm recently?

    In SERP for past two days Meta description is showing in 160 characters . Previously it was showing around 200+ characters in SERP My ranking and traffic are also dropped on past two days. Can someone help me with this
  12. unknownmehed

    Google 6 February 2018 Update! Dangerous!

    I got hit badly in this update. My all keyword has gone out of the space. Now, I am hearing lots of people got hit. Normally, when you got hit by google algo update you will see a sudden drop from 1st page to 2nd or 3rd page. Gradually, it will drop more. But, 6 February 2018 Update was totally...
  13. blackshadowseo

    Rank drop

    Hi guys my site has suddenly dropped in google ranking.I can also find a few other sites which have dropped suddenly. Did anybody experienced the same? Can someone tell me what will be the reason.Not only my site multiple sites are dropping for multiple keywords.Can somebody share some info..
  14. blackshadowseo

    Ranking Changes

    I can suddenly see a drastic changes in the google search results.Most of the ranking sites are falling back suddenly.This is happening for multiple search terms.Is there any new update that google rolled out or is there any change made to algorithm?
  15. unknownmehed

    Are you notching GOOGLE update? Keyword dancing Madly?

    I am seeing strange behavior of google. I was monitoring a few keyword. Those keyword Top 10 result is changing almost every hour.
  16. S

    Google Algorithm Update Likely Occurred on June 25??

    Hi SEO Experts, As we are seeing and reading that A Significant Google Algorithm Update Likely Occurred on June 25. My website has also affected and dropped the ranking and traffic. After I checked, found that my website's structured data has been removed by google. I was checking it...
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