1. uniquedesigns


    HI, we are providing the above mentioned designs as giveaway for first 25 members, interested members can post in this thread and send u r requirements.:)
  2. MMJason

    Where / how can I hire locals to hand out flyers

    I am currently looking for platforms or websites where I can hire female girls/models to hand out flyers in the U.S. to hand out flyers at specific spots. Which websites and platforms do you suggest when I am looking for local promoters?
  3. D

    Graphics designer needed.

    I need a well experienced graphics designer to give some jobs to do for me. Kindly get intouch with me to discuss in full details.
  4. Pixel Groot

    Corporate Flyer(free For all of my Fellow)

    Hi all of my Fellow of BHW, Basically i love to exchange,as i learn many thing from this forum that means from you guys. so I want to give a small bite towards all of Fellow. There is my one of designed Flyer for all. For free download go with this link: Link Cheers! And exchange, it will be...
  5. E

    CHEAP Design Portfolio (Logos, Banners Flyers etc) Needed!!

    Hi Calling all graphic designers! Reselling design and media services locally and need portfolio for my new site ASAP! If i can get a good price for this and the designs are good i will use you going forward for my business! Please send quotes for 3-4 general business logos, 1 banner ad, two...
  6. L

    Seems like it's impossible for me to start making money online

    Hello guys , it's been a while now that i'm looking for all the opportunities on how start generating money and that will not cost me a lot of time ( of course i'm not looking for big numbers , only a small amount to start investing ) but any time , it seems like the market is saturated , and...
  7. F

    Does anyone use flyers for CPA?

    Are there any companies that allow flyers for CPA?. If so what is the best niche. Thanks Much
  8. F


    Does anyone use flyers as a way to advertise your offers? IE. Weight Loss Offers and CPA. I know that you must get permission from the CPA you are working with.
  9. V

    [golden] - saturate a city of 60k residents with 250,000 flyers

    Whats up everyone. I have been studying the offline marketing niche for a while and have always pondered off the wall ideas that I've never seen executed or attempted, rather. I am interested to know how YOU would try to generate revenue if you were to distribute 250,000 flyers to a small-medium...
  10. D

    Templates for payday loan flyers?

    Hi! Id like to sign up for a payday loan affiliate and then create flyers to put on cars. Does anyone know if I would be able to find a similar flyer to use as a template? Im not too skillful with creating nice looking flyers. I could always look on fiverr too! Thanks, Denise
  11. N - Online Printing 40% discount coupon

    For me its time to give something back to community (im a member of bhw for few years now and i gained a lot from the community here) so i have created this special coupon with 40% and you can purchase everything needed for your online/offline business starting from business cards where you...
  12. fbfans

    [IDEA] Has anyone tried this to build their lists?

    Over the past few weeks Iv been looking into getting into online marketing and read numerous threads. Iv had my main idea and got the site ideas down on paper, but I can't get this other idea out of my head and wondered if anyone had tried it and had any success with it. THE METHOD Building...
  13. blackst

    Idea, please share your thoughts

    Hi guys, in this moment my company is facing heavy times and we need more sales. Please share your thoughts. This idea came from seen threads like "22 Letters = $17,000 profit in 3 weeks." and "How I built my offline SEO/Social Media empire earning $15,000 a month in three months!!!" Ok...
  14. B

    How can I monetize my IRL summer job?

    During the summer college break I go door-to-door in California selling a relevant service. First summer I made 18,000, last summer 32,000, this summer I will make 40,000. <I want to double that with BHW methods. I am at thousands of houses over the weeks, I would like to pass out a flyer...
  15. F

    OK Made some flyers - but where to put em and how??

    Wealthy Affiliate recently opened their affiliate program to non-members and about time too, considering its one of the most slick sites out there. Plus you can get recurring commissions every month = nice! :D So I printed a load of flyers in A4/letter size. Here's my problem... Where to...
  16. A

    My plan to exploit labor day sept 5th

    Last weekend i gave out free grocery gift card flyers near the local grocery stores....i wanted to see the conversions so i just gave out 200 flyers... I had 45 clicks and 23 was just a first page email submit... not bad i guess... Here's my plan for this labor day....i...
  17. B

    Hey Newb Here Need a Fast Start!

    Hi guys and gals. Great forum! This place is amazing. I joined a few days ago and did some lurkin', and I am very impressed with how helpful and open folks are to one another here. I'm getting a warm and fuzzy... nevermind. A bit about me: I know just enough about SEO and online marketing...
  18. goingreen

    Does passing out flyers to promote a CPA actually work?

    There's been alot of threads going around talking about promoting CPA accounts by passing out physical flyers. Has using this method worked or failed for you?
  19. M

    Top Offline Marketing eBook

    Let's make a little thread with suggestions to the top offline marketing ebooks. They may including anything from flyer marketing to business directories. Let's help each other out. I'll start, I suggest Offline Dragon: A Dragon Profits Club Product. It's available in the download section and...
  20. M

    Handing Out Flyers At Transportation Hubs

    Transportation Hubs are amazing for handing out flyers/pamphlets. Transportation hubs include bus stations and train stations. Transportation hubs are good because: - There is plenty of traffic in a small area so you get more "flyer views" in a small amount of time on your flyers. - You can hand...
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