1. twitt3r

    [WTB] We are acquiring blogs in entertainment niche | USA Top | Atleast 1000+ UV per month | Budget no bar

    Hi there, We are looking to acquire some blogs in entertainment niche. The requirements are as below - USA Top country - Min. 1000 unique visitors (organic) - English audience - non copyright / AdSense friendly content If you or someone you know is interested, you can PM me here or reach out...
  2. J

    How much my site with 30k-45k/monthly traffic can get sold for?

    I have a site i created a few months ago and it gets roughly around 1000-2000 organic traffic daily. Till the first week of January it was getting upto 10k visitors daily but now it has come down to around 2k visits daily. 80% of the traffic is US. Its a django based site. Its basically a...
  3. paulpaul25

    [Method] How Rolex Made Me €11k

    This is something quite different as it doesn't have anything to do with online marketing or e-commerce in general, and it's something everyone could do BUT it definitely requires having some savings. How do you make money? The money-making principle is extremely simple, all you need to do...
  4. janer2019

    Case Study: EMD That Made Me $40,000

    Case study of How I found a keyword that was essentially a typo error with massive volume. Built over a fresh domain name that only had numbers in it. ;) We recently sold the same website via FE-International. Attached is the screenshot of escrow sold transaction summary. Let’s dig in now...
  5. johnny79

    Flipping Websites

    Hey Guys, I'm considering building affiliate website to sell and was wondering if there are any members who have successfully flipped sites before and if so what is the best advice you could give me. i.e What type of clean backlinks gave you the best results etc, niches to focus etc Also, Is...
  6. IrwinJ

    Flipping an affiliate website after Amazon commission changes

    I was curious to see if people are attempting to sell their websites given the current climate (coronavirus, Amazon commission changes). I've been checking out a few places, mainly Flippa. It's reasons like this why I find Flippa a bit malicious...
  7. Nihilism

    Journey: I did around $100k+ in sales two years in a row [ASK ME ANYTHING]

    Firstly I want to thank this forum entirely, as without it, I would never have been as informed and equipped as I was, and my journey might never have taken place. I’m sure i’m not the only one who feels this way. I’m making this post to share parts of my journey and try to share some of the...
  8. Ulli Sebastian

    Resell your own used clothes

    I heard about these options: Go to a second hand store, offer your clothes. Sell them "on the internet". My experiences I wasn't able to find a single store interested in buying my clothes. They were very interested in getting them for free. I rather throw them in my trash than have a shop...
  9. Castamir

    [WEBSITE ACQUISITION] How Can I Get the Owners of High Traffic Websites to Respond to Emails?

    Hey, I just started buying websites that are receiving up to 1k traffic or more each day. What I noticed is that most of the high traffic websites owners don't make their emails accessible. Even when they do, they don't respond. Please, what are your tactics for getting these guys to the...
  10. K

    Private label to whole sale

    Hello everyone, I started selling seriously on ebay about a year ago. Tons of ups and down and a lot of learning curves. After 6 months of testing things (OA, RA, flipping...) I finally started making money with private label. This alone is bringing enough income to live off of but I want to...
  11. A

    I got XXX,XXX amount of $ how to flip?

    I have $500 I want to start flipping. What're some good ideas! (: I appreciate it <3!!
  12. V

    [FLIPPING] Journey to $10,000 per month

    Hey BHW :) I've been into flipping of Instagram accounts for a few months now & have earned around $2-3k in total. My target is it start making at least $10,000/mo through this business modal. I have successfully gathered a good amount of client base with both buyers & sellers in the field...
  13. cosmo89

    Need advice on this!

    Hi, I have a website which I planned to put sale on Flippa, and I need your advice for how do I make it more better sales pitch. Because I tried flippa for couple of domains and never got any success . So help me out. Here is my site details Lifegag.com - Lifestyle magazine More than 600+...
  14. El Magico

    Messaging Blog Owners/small website Tried to Buy there site?

    Have you ever tried messaging blog owner/small websites with good content sometimes bloggers haven't updated them for months, old blogs, small websites and offered to buy them. Then after buying them fixing them up, SEO optimizing them, nice website design and then reselling them for big...
  15. crzbot91

    Buying Goods from China

    I wanted to get your take on this idea, and maybe you can point out any flaws that you can find or things that I should change. Looking to doing some sales via Ebay currently have established accounts but will be scrapping everything and starting Fresh with more anonymity and discretion. Looking...
  16. The SEO Crunch

    Domain Flipping - Valuable or not?

    I have recently heard of domain flipping business and many people are earning too from this business. But I didn't get what type of domains should we buy to flip. Can anyone explain in detail? Thanks
  17. B

    Anyone from Chennai?....lets connect

    Anyone from Chennai? Lets connect !
  18. El Magico

    Where to buy Foreign Websites?

    Where can I buy website from countries like Italy, france, Spain, Turkey Etc. ? I am not looking for domains, but actual websites.
  19. theIMMachine

    [Rolltheball for Sale] - Premium domain authority website outranking FIFA & Wikipedia!

    Dear BHWians Let's cut the fancy designs and talk about this golden deal! We have started up like any other startup in the world with a new age sports news venture called 'Rolltheball' a couple of months before and worked with some freelancers and launched the platform to monetize the huge...
  20. T

    How do think my auction is doing from these facts (not trying to sell anything here)

    I bought a domain name from GoDaddy and I have a live auction right now on Flippa with 57 views but no follows and no bids and no comments. It's only it's second day. I only paid the $9 didn't pay for any additional promotion. Do you think this might end up being promising with 13 days of the...
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