1. Hisoka1

    ⏩Ready2Rank -Mega Review Copy Distribution ⚡Total 50 Review copies⚡ for Legends of BHW⏩

    Hey BHW Community We are here to offer a bunch of review copy for our Community. We are Offering: 10 Review copies for ⚡Golden Keyword Research⚡(MOST POPULAR) 15 Review copies for ⚡ Backbone Diversified Backlinks ⚡ 15 Review copies for ⚡Mammoth Diversity Links ⚡ 10 Review copies for...
  2. Hisoka1

    ⏩Ready2Rank -Mega Review Copy Distribution ⚡Total 30 Review copies⚡ for Legends of BHW⏩

    Hello BHW community, We are here to offer a few free review copies. We are Offering- 10 Review copies for Golden Keyword Research from Ready2Rank (MOST POPULAR) 10 Review copies for ⚡ Backbone Diversified Backlinks ⚡⏩Affordable - High Quality-Hand made Backlinks at ✅$9 10 Review copies for...
  3. sageshark

    [Need Suggestion] - What Shall I Do With These 13+ Yr Old Domain Names?

    I have these 2 domain names those are more than 13 years old. They belong to the medical / health niche and have keywords like 'drugstore' and 'genericpills' in their names. I had registered these domain names in 2009 with the intention of setting up an online pharmacy site. During that period...
  4. SocialManager

    A Concerning Trend? BHW Trading Feedback Percentage Statistics

    Accidentally clicked the wrong tab, and ended up on this page: All-Time Feedback - 97.3% Positive Last 12 Months Feedback - 80.9% Positive Last 6 Months Feedback - 77.5% Positive Last Month's Feedback - 63.8% Positive Thoughts? Theories...
  5. TestingViews

    White theme for BlackHatWorld

    I feel like my time spent on this forum will increase after I discovered the white theme in the style chooser. I think the developer of this forum should do something to allow more people to know there is a style chooser. I just discovered it after months.
  6. M

    Randomly sorting products in a category page (e-commerce)

    I was wondering about its impact on SEO, would sorting the products randomly in the collection pages have a positive or negative impact on the SEO of these pages? So, a product on page 3 could be on page 1 at the next crawl, etc I know this is bad for the UX but I'm only wondering about SEO...
  7. Chiku Arsen

    Why do I see this when not connected to the Internet.

    I don't see the general "Not connected to the Internet" error when i'm not connected to the internet and trying to open BHW. Well it happened by mistake, I was connected to my wifi while browsing BHW and didn't know when my wifi got disconnected and because the error shown was not the general...
  8. R

    Boost my fiverr gig

    Hello I am new to fiverr so I m looking for someone to order my gig and give positive feedback to boost it. I will pay with skrill. Waiting for your replies!
  9. Elvlin

    Need to buy Feedback and review from old acc, at Epic Npc

    as title say need feedback and review at epic NPC, pm me your offer.
  10. Josh Saga

    BHW Spreadshirt Shop Suggestion

    Hello All, I just got the newsletter today from our Grand High Supreme Chancellor Master Owner @Diamond Damien, I saw the shop - and amazed by the wide collection we have. However I would like to ask - if possible if the support team who handles the store add a .png transparent copy of the...
  11. B

    New YT Channel

    Hey guys, I created a new YT channel in motivational niche, and posted my first view couple days ago. I would really appreciate if some of you can spend 4 minutes of your precious time and give me feedback. I do not want to post link here and spam, so please if you are willing to help - DM me.
  12. TheDemne

    How to boost facebook customer page feedback?

    Hello I have an important message. I am dropshipping and I have a few problems with facebook page customer feedback. I am already using a fast suppliert that ships between 5 - 10 days to the customers but they still complain and say that it takes too long. Is there anything I can do to boost...
  13. D

    Order ID Bumping - Prohibit it?

    My suggestion is as simple as the thread title suggests: Forbid "Order ID Bumping", meaning that buyers shall not be allowed to be required (by the seller) to post their Order ID in the original sales thread in order to receive their respective purchased product. That rule could either be...
  14. RueRoisCapo

    Very Old/New Member

    Hey folks! Happy to finally be an official member. I’ve been visiting BlackHatWorld and reading/learning everything I could without a membership for YEEEEEARS! Finally made an account but failed to verify my email for another set of months/a year. My email was entered incorrectly *face palm* so...
  15. X

    Could someone perhaps help me out?

    Hey guys. I've recently started a YouTube channel. I've uploaded about 2 videos and have found that they are getting no views whatsoever. Is there something I'm doing wrong? Are my videos actually shit(or low quality) or do I just need more content? I'm not sure if I can post my channel link...
  16. William702

    Allow users to choose different colors to track other users.

    I would not make a suggestion unless I think it could be helpful in some way. I think it would be a good idea to give users the option to change the color of how other users show up to them in the feed. It would be great if you could navigate to someones profile and select a color that you want...
  17. S

    What if someone against BHW?

    I have a doubt, If someone posting content against of BHW TOS like abusing, selling Or if someone posting content in the wrong section Or if someone sending unrelated PM should I report it by clicking the report button. OR will moderators themselves find those on their own and take action?
  18. Miqdaddy

    15 Post-Rule Mixup?

    Good day People! So here is something i noticed in the days i've been in here: So in the above image (brand new Newbie acc) - it clearly says that after 15 posts (when an account becomes newbie+) it can post links but here is the thing... As of now only the Registered Members and above can...
  19. Mirkogiovannetti

    Feedback of my website

    Dear, I would like some feedback from you regarding my website. PM and I will send the link
  20. Airzak

    Help me get straight to the point

    Hi again, So yeah, it's almost 24 hours here and i really like it i loved the feedback on my first thread, thanks to whom have replied to me. Anyway, i want to get STRAIGHT TO THE POINT of why i'm here, which is making money, and i want to ask you about the most common and easy ways for...
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