facebook disabled

  1. B

    Photoshop needed

    Can anyone do photoshop for Facebook ? Account locked. Pm me
  2. B

    Identity uploads rejected automatically

    Facebook account disabled for no reason and asking for ID. I sent 2 docum from the " other" category and thr bot it automatically rejection it immediately after uploading. I tried 2 different types of documents same thing. I've tried several times no luck. I need to recover...
  3. H

    Facebook account unusual activity Paypal

    Hi, as soon as I add my paypal account to facebook I get the unusual activity error and the accounts gets disabled. I have tried it with different paypal cards and accounts and used other facebook accounts as well. It keeps giving me the same error as soon as I attach the card. I have been...
  4. MehtaM

    "Your account has been disabled" - Any solution?

    My real account got disabled today. As soon as I logged in I got a message saying "Your account has been disabled". I clicked on to appeal for review then it asked me phone number and face photo. I did that. After 5 minutes when I tried to login again I got this message. How do I resolve this...
  5. S

    Facebook perma ban conundrum

    Had my 18 year old personal Facebook get perma banned. (Aka my request to appeal was denied) which sucks because a lot of my business contacts are on it. But whatever, it’s annoying but I don’t sweat it, I’ll just make a new one... so about a month later I make a new one. (New email, same unique...
  6. sothisisnightlife

    Facebook alt disabled even though I used a fresh install of windows and 4g connection only

    I wanted to create a personal Facebook alt. - Fresh install of windows on a spare pc - Fresh 4g sim card never been used - Spare phone that I did a hard reset on. - Never using home broadband connection, only using the new 4g sim card. - I used pictures of my self that I had previously used on...
  7. Ksenos

    I give $100 to anyone reinstates my disabled Facebook account

    Hello, Help must be genuine and from within BHW. A solution that will make a difference. You must provide help that can prove it helped. Issue: On Feb 11th 2020 my personal/business Facebook account became disabled without any notice or reason explained. Since then I never received any...
  8. Yakouza


    Hello, Guys hope y'all doing Good .. I tried asking peoples on facebook how to get disabeld fcb back but nothing helpful so that's why im here because im sure there's a lot of peoples here has experience in this situation Before a months ago i have lost my facebook but sadly i can't get it...
  9. S

    Facebook Ads Keep Getting Rejected

    My ads keep getting rejected and I'm not sure why. I've read their Advertising Policy and Facebook doesn't even provide a reason for rejecting the ads, they just say "you're violating advertising policy. we reserve the right to reject any ads...." I've made sure not to include any personal...
  10. Deejay Misu

    How to recover my disabled facebook account?????

    Few days facebook disabled my facebook account due to copyright infringement. I gave a report about it but they didint give back my id. The account is 10 years old. I need to get back my account. Help me what I shoud do.
  11. Reyfr

    I got my Facebook account Disabled

    Hi there!!! I hope everything is going well... I got 1 month ago my Facebook account Disabled due to copyright issues on one of my Facebook professionnel page... Somebody have a solution to recover? Thank you!!!
  12. Goodi OG

    Facebook Disabled My 7 Year Old Personal Account Even After Video Verification

    For some unknown reason, Facebook requested I submit a video verification. Now, I have never heard or see of Facebook requesting a video verification. I only login to Facebook app and on my PC, no vpn or proxy, plus I don't spam or do anything shady. Now considering the fact that the...
  13. Y

    How long does it take FB to verify my ID ? Legit activity

    I was managing my ads and running some new ones, and all of a sudden FB logged me out from my account and asked me for a photo verification, I send in my photo then after 24h now they're asking me for ID verification, I've uploaded my ID and send it for verification and still waiting for...
  14. P

    facebook account disabled ineligible

    I need someone to guide me to get back my account. it is my main account . i sent my identification my identiy proof bank statement and card also . but i havent heard from them. can any one solve this i am willing to pay for this
  15. shaggy99

    How not to trigger Facebook checkpoints in 2019 ?

    Because I had hard time making more than 3 accounts on my home ip, I thought that I should create new facebook accounts on different Google chrome profiles, with different free proxies enabled on each profile. But it gets worse. A few minutes after each account was created I get the SMS...
  16. jdog24

    Facebook disabled account - what's my next move?

    Hello - I recently started two e-commerce stores (clothing) and started promoting one under a newly created account. This account did not have my real name and got disabled the next day. After hours of research I realized you need all legit information. I did submit an appeal on my 3rd account...
  17. J

    My personal Facebook account is disabled because copyright

    Hey , Now , i successfully pursue someone retract 2 copyrights against me but the problem is Facebook not yet return me an email , already 9 days waiting . Anyone experience this before , which retract copyrights can get personal account back ? i really dont know what to do now , shit ..
  18. J

    how to open regain access to your disabled facebook account form

    Hey dude , I knew someone successfully open their disabled account via this form who can open this link please help me my disabled account
  19. K

    My facebook account is disabled please help?

    My facebook is disabled send couple of appeals but no reply, i live in italy, can i go to facebook milano office to make live appeal with id-s etc? Can you do live appeal at Facebook offices? It helps smth or not?
  20. PowerPath

    How to get Facebook account with 2500 friends back

    Hello everyone, I recently lost a Facebook account due to phone verification, the Facebook account is not banned, I just cannot login because facebook says I have phone verify the number to login, but the phone number (textnow number -- forgot to change it to normal number when I bought account)...
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