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Sep 26, 2016
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Help must be genuine and from within BHW. A solution that will make a difference. You must provide help that can prove it helped.


On Feb 11th 2020 my personal/business Facebook account became disabled without any notice or reason explained. Since then I never received any email or other info from FB, neither to my appeals. (I checked my gmail into my Spam/Social/Promotions /searched "Facebook")

Technical details:

On Feb 10th FB logged me out from everything (messenger, pages manager etc) and asked for ID verification for security reasons. I took a bad picture of my old government ID with non-English letters with my phone. A day after, my account became disabled up until now.
Since then, I have been sending appeals with my driver's licence ID and some selfies of me.

I started by sending just one time in the appropriate appeal FB form. After a week or so and after seeing no response from Facebook whatsoever (not even automated ones, e.g. "we received your appeal, stand by") I started sending appeals more often, via various forms.

Things I have tried:

  • A variety of FB forms as appeals, that have similar structure: e.g. locked/inmate/ineligible/login issue
  • emailing them. There are some emails e.g. from Executive Contacts, "Mark Zuckerberg" team etc. I have tried most of them, I send about 1 per week.
  • contacting them via other social media in wich they exist. (Twitter/LinkedIn)
  • Calling them. Their phone is only with automated stuff

What I am to try:

  • Ask from a 3rd party organization to help me. It seems there are some online advocacies that might be able to help?
  • Make a new Facebook business account and try to chat via this. However it seems that even this is hard, as it seems the personal FB account must be old and strong in order to "upgrade" it to a business acc

Some facts: (might not be related and misleading though)

  • On Feb 3rd, I run a $5 ad Facebook was offering for free. It was rejected. On Feb 4th I run another one that was approved. $1 per day until Feb 9th. (Feb 10th, I lost access)
  • All my ID info are true/real. With phone number.
  • From my disabled account's downloaded information, I have noticed some see "strange" activity: e.g.1.) On Feb 10th, after this happened, I changed my FB password, in case it was triggered because of hack attempt. I used my phone number to receive security code for changing the password. So, in the downloaded information log, on Feb 11th, my account seems that its email has been replaced with my... phone number!
    2.) Although my account is disabled since then, it keeps having some activity afterwards. e.g. on March 23rd I had username changed to my company's name.

Scammers let's not waste our time: I 'm aware of scam schemes and websites offering "FB support" and ask for private info etc. I pay after the reinstate of my facebook account.

Thanks in advance for anyone that can help me, I will really appreciate even the slightest of help :)


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