1. RighteousMan

    How to create Email without a phone number?

    Hello, I am in a need to create dozens of emails for different social media like X, Insta, Reddit and so on. Most of them require the email. But in order to create email I need to have a phone number (i don't wanna share it) I know the services like Proton mail, Tutanota, Mailfence - but they...
  2. H

    Find Email List from Behance/Dribbble etc

    Hello, I was wondering if there is any way that we can find the email list of registered users from ; : or similar website. I know that it sounds like a impossible idea and that's why I'm ready to pay up a HIGH amount...
  3. R

    What's The Minimum Rate For Writing Emails, Is $5/Email OK?

    I recently got my first email writing gig, but I'm a bit concerned about the pay. The rate is $5 per email, and I'm not sure if that's a standard rate nowadays. I came across this Facebook post seeking copywriters, and after submitting some samples, I was offered $5 per email. Is this typical...
  4. L

    Advanced Mass Email Sending Tool

    Hello everyone! I want to share with you an amazing discovery: a mass email sending tool that is revolutionizing how we reach our customers and partners. It's a platform that utilizes various SMTPs, offering a wide range of features to optimize and enhance your email campaigns. One of the...
  5. KJREDDY247@

    Best cold email subject line you have ever seen...

    What's the best Cold email subject line that left you unable to resist opening an email or made you click in an instant?
  6. A

    Tell me pls email service

    Please tell me a service for sending letters with limits of 100-1000 letters per day, I will be very grateful!
  7. Y

    What to do with 600+ Emails ?

    Hey folks, i have been following some journeys and threads on this forum for a long time and finally started taking action, i have chose the cpa niche which i found very easy to maintain -and offers quick easy money for a little effort. So basically i posted a lot of posts on a brand new...
  8. PlusMein

    We are looking for Instagram accounts database with emails + usernames in different niches

    Hello everyone, We are looking for Instagram email accounts + usernames in different niches (better online stores or any kind of business in IG). Geo USA - different states. Please get in touch with us who can scrape or have such database. Thanks
  9. buildandbuild

    Best email marketing platform that accepts crypto content?

    Hey guys I'm looking for an e-mail platform that will allow crypto content. I love platforms such as hubspot and mailchimp but it seems they are pretty strict on the content that gets sent out Does anyone have any recommendations? or should I look into my own server? The content is not...
  10. gBraid

    I need to access Gmail accounts with US IP addresses. How can I obtain old account logins?

    I'm looking to gain access to Gmail accounts that are associated with US IP addresses. I'm particularly interested in obtaining logins for older accounts. I'm wondering if you could provide some guidance on how to go about this. It's important for me to clarify that I have a legitimate need for...
  11. telim2

    GoWebby Webmailer: Multithreaded bot for Sending Bulk Emails via Browsers/SMTP using Google Accounts

    GoWebby is a multithreaded email automation bot designed for efficiently sending bulk emails. It offers two distinct modes of operation: one that emulates human actions through web browsers and another that sends emails directly via SMTP using IP addresses with email-enabled ports. GoWebby...
  12. techbeastzz

    Bulk accounts in quora

    How can I create bulk accounts in quora, i mean i need a email service like 10 minute mail where i can sign up for unlimited accounts but now I can't find a good websites because i already tried lot of it.
  13. Zag2kkk

    KSA Email List

    I have a fresh private email data of aramco workers and random ksa citizens highly active But i dont have experience in email marketing or anything how can i make big money of it without selling it
  14. jeongsubin

    How to automatically check email verification code

    For example, there are 100 EVA Instagram accounts. When you attempt to log in from the app, a verification code will be sent to hotmail or Outlook. I can access my email to check the verification code. However, the process of checking the authentication code takes more time than expected. Is...
  15. r0mme11

    What can I do with an email database?

    I have an email database of users who are associated with adult websites. I'm not sure what to do with it. I don't know how can I monetize it. Can you suggest any ideas?
  16. A

    Instagram Profile Email Finder

    I will give you a list of Instagram profiles. You need to find the public emails of those Instagram accounts. You will get $10 for 5K profiles. Pls answer this question: 1 - How would you get those emails? 2 - How many profiles can you scrape per day?
  17. B

    I think this is the place to make an introduction

    I'm interested in learning how to promote all kinds of online content (websites, social accounts, streams, gambling, etc). I am pretty new to the scene, but not new enough to be a good scam target ;) LOL. I'm hoping to learn about google/ bing ads, sms/ email promotion, social media promotion...
  18. RPeters

    Workspace email & sending spam to a 10k+ list

    Hey all, I have a secondary (backup) business/domain google workspace email address(es). This email is not tied to my main business domain, but I want to send to my targeted list from here.. (I'll most likely be using Atomic mail sender or something similar) My question is: Assuming blocks &...
  19. akaseo

    Best email reading and handling applications

    I see a lot of good newsletters. So, i wanted to know what is like the best app to read newsletters like some email management app like that.
  20. M

    Which email provider/service would allow me to create unlimited email addresses/accounts?

    I was wondering Which email provider/service would allow me to create unlimited email addresses/accounts and as well as allow me to make as many email addresses/accounts as I want to, mainly for verification purposes. Thanks.
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