1. P

    Where/to who can I sell my email lists to?

    I’m not trying to sell my email lists here, through this post! I just want to know where I can sell them other than BHW Thanks in advance!
  2. TheBusinessAlchemist

    Send 10.000 Emails From Gmail (Google Workspace)

    Hey I'm not an email marketer originally. I don't know how deliverability, spam filters, bouncing rate, domain trust etc... work. I want to send one email to approx. 10.000 people who bought from my store. I would like to customize the first line of the email with they first name, if possible...
  3. H

    Business advice

    I'm having a decision fatigue trying to decide weather to start an bulk sms/email sender business or another idea I have (can't disclose) I can develop both systems on my own but my issue is time. I just want to ask the OGs here if its profitable to run a bulk sms sending business or is it...
  4. AccsMaster

    [AccsMaster] High Quality Social Media Accounts ✅ | Facebook | Instagram | TikTok | Discord | Email [bulk]

    AccsMaster is an online-store where you can find social media accounts for any type of need and basically any budget. We are working with lots of suppliers to be able to offer reliable profiles with fast delivery for reasonable prices. In addition, on our website you can also get special prices...
  5. KORO22

    Email database validation and distribution needed

    I am looking for blackhat email marketing expert, who can set up all for me. I have emails from one site, 2m+ mails. I want to validate it and then send it to them my offer. I need e-mail specialist here who can help with it?
  6. KORO22

    Email database validation and distribution

    I have emails from one site 2m+ mails. I want to validate it and then send to them. Do we have e-mail specialists here who can help with it?
  7. T

    Pricing formula for scraped email database.

    Hi. How to price scraped email database? What is the formula, how much we should charge for every lets say 1000 or 10000 emails and how many copies can be sold? Are scraped emailes woth anything? Heard from one guy that if we don't have explicit permission to message these people it's worthless...

    what cold email software works with jobber or zoho?

    Any ideas> Thanks
  9. Ketpar

    How can I monetize 100K email list of UK home owners

    I have 100K email list of homeowners of the UK. I would say that not more than 1% of emails are wrong as all emails are filled by themselves to get home improvement service. I also have their phone number too. Is there any way to monetize this email list? Any guide and help will be...
  10. Ndiqi

    [NEW] Email Blast Service ✅ No Warmup ✅ Fast Send ✅ Cold Email ✅

    Email expert at your fingertip We send emails for your projects / campaigns so you don’t have to deal with the hassle of doing it yourself ✅ Done in less than 5 days ✅ Just bring your email list and content ✅ Super fast email delivery Place an order: 1. Contact me Telegram:
  11. duuldademon

    I scraped 10k+ emails and have my first email has a 35% open rate within 8 hours of posting

    I run a network of housing development/nightlife/ IG pages based in a local area. I scraped our competitor's accounts and now have an email list of 11,500 people that are following business, realty, and upscale nightlife accounts based in a local area. Our first email was "7 Upcoming Events...
  12. telim2

    Beta testers wanted for an smtp warmpup platform

    we developed an smtp warmup platform and carried out alot of test and everything seems to be working fine for months now. We would like to invite more people to use the system and report any found bug to the development team. If you are interested show interest and i will send you a pm...
  13. V

    I want to learn how to send out email in bulk

    Hello BHW! I'm new here. I have been studying the information about the email newsletter for a week. I want to earn money by mailing in such areas as: gambling, igaming, crypto and others. During my study, I realized that email mailing services (esp) in most cases do not miss such offers. And as...
  14. R

    I have 4,200 000 Adult Email Database

    I have 4,200 000 Adult Email Database the bases are updated and fresh.Someone to help me in sending and earning contact me
  15. Rollfic

    When sending Email Campaigns, how to know when to stop ...?

    When you start sending email campaigns promoting an affiliate offer, how you know when the customer has purchased? Let's say you have 5 email swipes scheduled each for one day. In each email swipe you put the link to the offer. The customer buys on the 2nd would you know that so...
  16. S

    Facebook private group scrap

    Hi, a little while ago here was a man who could scrap FB group emails, but now he is gone. Do we have any alternative? Thanks.
  17. TheBlackDragon

    How to send email to 200-300k addresses

    Hi everyone, I have a list of 200-300k email addresses (they're all using custom domain on gmail). How could I send email to all of those addresses without being marked as spam? I'm thinking of using Mailchimp or GetResponse and upload my list (divided into batches) to send email, will this...
  18. Rollfic

    Email marketing automation tool? No Shared IP?

    Hi, a bit confused. Looking to use an email marketing service with top notch deliverability rate that lands inbox every time and AVOIDS promotional tab. Also dedicated IP is way to go? Found Mailjet it has 6000 emails a month with unlimited subscribers but I'm not sure about deliverability...
  19. P

    Send email with SendGrid using AWS SES Server

    I'm new to this and I have about 30k emails that I would like to send newsletters about 2-3 times a month, already have SES 50k a day and looking for a unexpensive way to send email. I have look into SendGrid but I can't find a way to connect to SES, anyone here know if this is even possible to...
  20. J

    Confused on what to promote to millions of Email database

    My partner has Debt, Crypto, Gambling, Insurance,Forex emails from US majority. He also has software which can send emails.He will take care of it. I want to make money from the list.I don't want to build any groups/ complicated funnel/system. Just want to promote offers and get the money in...
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