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  1. Moonshots

    [WTB] Email Automation Software

    It must exist but I cannot find it :-/ I need to warm up emails for marketing (same as an email warmup site like so I am looking for software for myself. Software needs to do the following: Open Email Move to folder Reply Any ideas would be highly appreciated Cheers
  2. gentishady

    [Q] Which FREE E-mail Marketing Software for Automated Emails?

    Hello guys how's a going? I created account in Mailchimp to use automated emails but I guess they are in premium version. I did setup all emails 7/8 emails but they don't go through, only the first welcome email when someone subscribes is sent and the follow-up dont. Which software I can use...
  3. C

    Some good lead magnet ideas for a web development service to draw potential clients into list?

    I run a small web and software development company in Nigeria. All these while my means of getting clients has been through word of the mouth and a little cold callings. I want to try using contents to promote my service and at the same time advertising on social media platforms, getting...
  4. C

    Best Autoresponder That is Affiliate Marketing Friendly!

    Greetings guys, I wanted to seek your recommendation for the affordable autoresponder service that is affiliate friendly. As per my research, I have found the ones below, they seem affordable but i don't know about the functionality: Trafficwave - Very reasonable price indeed but no single...
  5. A

    Profitmail - Has anyone heard about this tool?

    Hi guys! Not sure if this is the right forum to ask. I've recently heard about Profitmail, which is a cloud based email marketing tool with unlimited list, subscribers and comes with a one-time fee for lifetime access. Has anyone used it before? If yes then is this a good tool for sending...
  6. A

    Email Auto Replay.

    Hi, I am new at this site. Today, I collected an email address from a classified site. First, I sent an email to the address(Yahoo mail). Then I got a replay from Gmail. Then, I sent another replay and got another replay from a webmail. After that, within 5 hours I received 5 replays more...
  7. E

    [PLEASE EXPLAIN] Private Email Server + VPS + Linux + SES + SMTP + IP

    Hi there, I recently decided to get into the mass email marketing game for the purpose of selling affiliate products and realized that I'm not well versed in the major email marketing concepts...I'm thinking of sending upwards of 10,000 (targeted, no spam traps) emails a day. Can someone...
  8. E

    I Just Broke 75,000 Targeted Emails and Don't Know How To Monetize

    Hey all :):):) I run a blog (along with a co-writer) that has content relating to 'Starting Businesses in Today's Economy' etc...We started this as a hobby early last year and had no intention of making money from it, just wanted to write and learn about stuff. Since we just broke 75,000...
  9. Roger Marquez

    Autoresponder for CPA??

    As tittle says i would like recommendations on the most affordable autoresponder service out there that allows affiliate/CPA offers promotions? Im not looking to spam i want to grow an email list from scratch and from the start i would like it to integrate with Wordpress (elementor if possible)...
  10. Harnur

    Clickbank + Email Marketing.......ANYONE....?

    I have certain questions to ask... Please answer them, it wud be of great help for my online business:- 1. do you sell only 1 product in your email autoresponder campaign? 2. what traffic source do you use? 3. How do you segregate list?, cuz Clickbank doesn't provide the emails of those who...
  11. M

    How to Run a Successful Email Marketing Campaign?

    Email marketing campaigns are the profit-driving tool. Is their any email marketing strategy to run successful emails.
  12. Danny Crypto

    Email marketing : Which bot to use ?

    Let me know should I use : - SendBlaster ? Or any other options we are having please let me know both the options free and paid as well.
  13. Harnur

    Any EMAIL Marketing Expert in BHW forum...?

    I want to add a 24 hours countdown time(for discount offer) in my email. And the Same timer will be placed in my sales page(of the website). since I am using auto-responder, I send this discount email on the 6th day of my email campaign. But how do i CLOSE and START this discount offer on...
  14. Chinatown

    Affiliate Journey to $1,000/mo with Email + No Landing Page

    Chinatown here, I am going in on email marketing. I will not be growing my list through a landing page though. I will be using the method that @shezboy gave BHW in his thread: [METHOD] How to turn $5 into as much money as you want. Here is a quick rundown on the method. I have purchased...
  15. Help Desk

    Email Matketing

    Hello Guys, I'm New To Email Marketing.... I Need A Tool Which Can Help Me Sending 10k Emails Per Day. And The Mails Will Go Into The Inbox Not In Spam. Can Anyone Help In Or Suggest me Any Tool......
  16. D

    How much does your email leads cost?

    first things first: i am not selling nor interested in buying anything tomorrow marks the 1st month of me building my double optin leads at aweber getting 15-20 subs a day and i have also made little money out of it. ive heard people saying to treat every lead as $10 so if you have 1000 leads...
  17. qwertymarketer

    Hi Newcomer/Nembie! Come Here. Please Leave Your Comment.. ;)

    Hey Guys, ;) Thanks for stopping by. Do you want me to make a step by step tutorial, on how to promote clickbank or any other affiliate offers through email marketing? I promise it will be good and 100% free to get start. You don't have to buy anything. No hosting require. No need to buy new...
  18. L

    What are the best free autoresponder (email) and list management softwares?

    What are the best free autoresponder (email) platforms and list management softwares?