ebay suspension

  1. G

    Create ebay Account without suspension

    Please i need a method create a stealth account without suspension in ebay and start selling vero without suspension
  2. partall

    UK eBay Suspension Help

    I currently make UK eBay accounts, all my accounts seem to be getting banned either before or after the first listing. My current setup Multiloign Proxies from suppliers on here - residential # However, I have used data center and dongles Accounts are set up using VCC, card confirmed a few...
  3. D

    UK Accounts Suspensions

    Hello. I'm creating UK accounts with UK Residential IP. Almost all of the accounts are getting suspension after 1 listed item and no one of them can be reinstated. IP is rotating every second. So every second I'm getting a new IP. I come to eBay with one IP, registering an account with...
  4. IllusiveEnterprises

    Hello All - New Here - Lovely Forum

    I have browsed Black Hat World Forums a few times but never signed up. I see it offers so many different resources, tons of useful information and lots of features. I am glad I decided to join and cannot wait to start using the forum on a regular basis and getting to know everyone and learning...
  5. J

    eBay and Paypal Accounts for Sale. Completely Verified, High Limits, w/ Feedback, No Holds, No Jail.

    Have you been shutdown on your personal eBay Account that took you time and effort for no reason? Has Paypal shutdown your account and you need to receive payments again as soon as possible on a stronger account? We are here to help you get your business back where and get back where you...
  6. Tank

    Ebay Accounts High Quality and CHEAP! High and Low Limit, Aged

    CLICK HERE TO CONTACT US Contact info Email: [email protected] Skype: [email protected] Text: (818) 925-0893
  7. D

    eBay insider

    I am looking for someone who works or knows someone who works at eBay. I have an account with old details attached to it and i need those details removed as they keep locking my account and asking to call me back on old numbers that don't exist. THANKS PS: I have many people looking for...
  8. B

    3rd Ebay stealth account zero selling limit!!

    This is the 3rd ebay stealth account that I have received 0 selling limit!! I thought it was my ip but I got a fresh dedicated IP and same problem. My original thought was the vcc but everyone said they are using for their stealth accounts with no problem?? Its either phone or vcc. I use a...
  9. B

    Amazon stealth shut down account before 1 thing listed....said linked?

    Just made new Amazon stealth. New fresh dedicated ip. New user all new info. Suspended before I used it!! I'm Having the same problems with ebay.Its costing a lot of money and wasting a lot of time. I thought it was ip but can't be that with fresh ip. I'm using vcc to verify and a bought a...
  10. B

    new ebay stealth account closed in few days!! All new info.Why?

    +I just made a new ebay stealth account. All new info. It was shut down in days! I listed 1 item waited a couple days. The listed a couple more. within a week I had about 6 listings. none brand.It takes me a lot of time to find items and I have to pay vcc and the account is burned before I get...
  11. H

    I need help/advice! 2 suspended/banned eBay accounts~

    Hello everyone, I made an account on BHW just to ask you guys what you think / what I should do in this situation regarding my new eBay account. ^^ I've read through other people's posts and have a so-so idea about what I should do but I just want some clarification or insight on this. Thanks in...
  12. D

    Ebay suspended indefinitely, should I close my PayPal before it gets suspended? RespondPLZ

    Dear Black Hats, My Ebay got indefinitely suspended, so if a buyer opens a case he automatically get's his money back- no matter if he is just asking "how do I use this" or "when it will be delivered". ONCE Case is open-boom- ebay AUTOMATICALLY escalates this case on my behalf (without my...
  13. M

    Getting Back On Ebay

    Hey everyone, So I started selling on eBay again after one of my accounts was suspended for not paying fee's (which i was wrongly charged for) and every time i try to make a new account I have been suspended MANY MANY times and I just cant find a way to get back on? Before I got kicked...
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