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Discussion in 'Ebay' started by mparker, Oct 7, 2010.

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    Hey everyone,

    So I started selling on eBay again after one of my accounts was suspended for not paying fee's (which i was wrongly charged for) and every time i try to make a new account I have been suspended MANY MANY times and I just cant find a way to get back on?

    Before I got kicked off I had just started making some good profits of $50+ per sale and now after eBay kicked me off because they linked an older account

    So what can I do?? Any advice with using VCC's?

    Im sure there are guys in here that have been suspended hundreds of times so can you guys help me out and get back on to start making some good money online again.
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    You need totally fresh details, everything, right down to your ad copy. If you've been banned more than once it means some bright spark at ebay towers may have spotted you and runs a search for your ad every now and again.

    new name, address, card details, paypal, ad copy etc. NEW IP ALSO, and clear cookies etc. Nothing the same as last time. Then spend 20 or 30 quid getting up to at least 20 positive feedback before you start listing stuff.

    source : been thru all that!
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    Check out beatbox's guide, or chuck him a PM. He helped me out with this kind of thing.
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