I need help/advice! 2 suspended/banned eBay accounts~

Nov 8, 2013
Hello everyone, I made an account on BHW just to ask you guys what you think / what I should do in this situation regarding my new eBay account. ^^ I've read through other people's posts and have a so-so idea about what I should do but I just want some clarification or insight on this. Thanks in advance for your time.

Full story:
To start things off... I had an account on eBay that I bought and sold from which was banned in 2012. I had 100% positive feedback as a seller - didn't sell anything fake, provided lots of pictures and details, sold things for fair prices, made a decent amount of money. I had 100% positive feedback as a buyer as well but the situation is different... I bought a lot of things from China/Hong Kong and usually ended up with items that didn't look like the pictures and weren't accurately described. I would contact the seller and have legitimate reasons to complain about such as: they were counterfeit items, they were damaged, they were expired items, they were the wrong size, I received a totally wrong item or a completely different color than what I ordered, never received the item at all, etc. There were times that I did get good items that fit the description in the listing and that I was happy with but those occasions were rare. Anyway, I would complain about these items even though they were under $5 because I just don't like to be lied to. The sellers would just give me a refund because it would've been too much trouble to send it back and all that stuff.

eBay gave me a warning about the amount of refunds I was receiving and I was surprised because they can look into my messages with sellers and see the reasons I was given a refund. If I complain to the seller and they offer to give me a refund, I'm not going to reject it. I ignored that warning and kept on being active on eBay for about 6 more months when something happened - I was told I was being suspended because I was receiving too many refunds. I was like "wtf?" they told me to call eBay if I had any questions about my account or if I needed information about this suspension. I called them and a lady picked up the phone and I asked her about it. All this woman told me was that I was suspended because I have been suspected of abusing eBay's policies/buyer protection or something like that. I asked her what can I do and she basically just hung up on me. I didn't call them back because that lady was rude and I didn't feel like dealing with it at that point. I decided I will no longer buy from China/Hong Kong if I expect something to be authentic, accurate to the description, etc though.

A few months later I open up a new account with the same address, IP, and e-mail but a different name. I buy two things and pay with the same PayPal address as my first account. I get an e-mail from eBay saying that this account seems to be connected to my previous account that was suspended and that my current account will be suspended/limited for 90 days. eBay also told me that the items I paid for will not be under Buyer Protection so if anything happened to be wrong with them or I never received them I guess I would've been out of luck. Fortunately, I received the items and they were perfect. I wait the 90 days and they clear my account. I was now free to do whatever I wanted. I didn't buy anything from China/Hong Kong like I promised myself, I didn't get any refunds or partial refunds, and my overall eBay experience was better with less aggravation now that my standards were set higher.

eBay invited me via a notification to sell something. I was successful in selling on my previous account and I figured that I might as well sell some things on this new account too since the 90 days had passed and things seemed to be going well. I set up a listing and of course I have to link my PayPal account to this new eBay so that funds can be automatically deposited and whatnot. The second I put in my PayPal e-mail address they suspend my account and tell me that I need to call eBay and chat with them. Again... I was like "wtf?" I didn't have a cellphone at the time and I didn't want to call them while other people were in and out of my house (it was a busy time of the year). It was just inconvenient for me. eBay literally told me that I needed to call them and explain my intentions of selling on eBay. I didn't call them and the next day they suspended/banned me from eBay. Now I have another new account open. I am under a different name, address, IP, and e-mail address. I have bought things from eBay with the same PayPal account though and no link was made between this new one and my two previous accounts. I've had to call eBay to report some person threatening me and I've had 3 cases resolved so far. Other than that, everything is fine.

I want to start selling some things on eBay again. I am afraid that what happened in my last account will happen with this new one - everything goes well and then as soon and I set up my PayPal on that account it will get banned or something. Should I delete this account (it doesn't even have 10 feedback so it doesn't really matter) to wipe the slate clean or just keep it? I can't delete my PayPal because I have that BillMeLater thing so I have to keep it open until I pay it off at least. I'm thinking about opening a new bank account and make a brand new PayPal but I don't know if putting my legal name will raise their red flags or not. I eBay would be the only reason I would open up a new account so I would like to know if it's worth it or not. I've seen people on other websites suggest giving eBay a call and discuss how to get suspensions/bans lifted but I think it would be a waste of my time.

Short story:
I had a successful eBay account that I bought and sold items on. I received too many refunds according to eBay so my account was suspended. I tried to contact eBay on the phone as they directed me to but the lady I talked to wasn't helpful at all so I just gave up. I made a new account months later with the same IP and address and after two purchases eBay suspended my account for 90 days because they suspected this new account was linked to my previous account. After the 90 days the suspension was lifted and I was able to buy freely on eBay. I didn't get any refunds or run into any problems. After a while I wanted to sell something on eBay and as soon as I linked my eBay and the same PayPal account I used before - my account was limited and I was told to contact eBay by phone to explain my reasoning for selling. I wasn't able to call them and the next day my account was suspended. I now have another eBay account which has had a few issues but nothing too big. I want to start selling again on eBay and need some advice regarding my account/paypal/etc.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks for reading ~ <3
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