1. symonkings

    Can I do this in PayPal

    What if someone illegally reports a refund after a digital purchase on PayPal? Here’s why I am asking this: Can I delete my PayPal account and create a new account with the same Bank account to solve the problem? Or, can...
  2. symonkings

    PayPal problem

    I am using PayPal for a year, and have good sales, but buyer buy my digital product on 13 may and report as unauthorised purchase in 29 may. So will I loose money and also I am so nervous because it's my first time to see my PayPal balance in negetive. I added all the replies in resolution...
  3. streamghost

    What is your method utilizing PayPal Stealth accounts?

    Hey! I'm interested to hear peoples different takes on this subject. From their experience using them, to creation, warming, etc. I have been curious about this subject for a while so I am interested on anyone's take!
  4. A

    Payement on high risk website

    Hello, I have a digital product website selling cheap keys and i know it's a high risk business. I don't know how to deal with payment, i'm thinking of using sellix gift plugin, so money shows as a gift ? Or using a dummie website ? Thanks for your advices
  5. harveySP

    What is the vcc that works with paypal ?

    I want to know if there is a bank that provides vcc which can be used to withdraw from paypal , as my paypal account doesn't allow me to link a bank account , the only way is through debit/credit card PS : This is not a limited paypal or a one time withdraw , I would like to link the vcc as long...
  6. StarrWarsFam31

    Need someone who has Paypal and is willing to help pay for my software.

    Due to the location I live in my paypal account is not accepted as a payment. I am looking for someone who will be able to pay with his own account for the software (17$), I will pay you my software price + your fee! HMU if you are interested [email protected] or just private message me...
  7. D

    Paypal to bank to binance looking for new bank to withdraw from paypal

    Hello, I am a freelancer without legal papers what I have been doing is reselling However, i am trading with 30-50k euros every month but it's not a profit Let's say I bought SMTH with 1k euros i sold it for 1050euro etc So I am having a large volume monthly getting payments then withdrawing...
  8. payment_presets.png


    New Adspect presets for cloaking MetaMask, Stripe, and PayPal.
  9. StarrWarsFam31

    Need someone who has Paypal and is willing to help pay for my software.

    Due to the location I live in my paypal account is not accepted as a payment. I am looking for someone who will be able to pay with his own account for the software (17$). HMU [email protected]
  10. mmoguru

    My paypal accounts + your business/ services

    I have bulk Paypal business accounts. If your country is not in Paypal's service, please Telegram me @icstock.
  11. D

    Got scammed, but PayPal got my back

    Today I decided to buy account from seller on Discord, since they announced 50% off discount on everything in their store. I contacted them via ticket system and they answered swiftly and this is how discussion went: Me: I want to buy X Them: How do you want to pay Me: PayPal Them: Ok, this is...
  12. Katiba

    Hello Everyone! Curious to know what i'm doing?

    Hello everyone. I'm Katiba and i'm currently a reputable member of different forums around internet. I've been lurking on BHW for a while but today i decided to create an account and become a reputable member of this amazing forum. I'm seeing a lot happening here so i'm super happy to give my...
  13. A

    Paypal question

    Hi everyone, I am having a big of a problem with a small task, i have been working in creating Tiktok thresholds for the last 10-20 days, but recently i faced a problem where i can’t link wise cards with paypal, always this problem”screenshot” To be sure i tried to add the same card that have...
  14. G


    I did read in the forum that this is a good cloaking service, can anybody post any feedback?
  15. Ramos]

    Warming up paypals

    Hello. i currently have iptv website. it is working good for us. Only problem we have is with paypal, we know we cannot switch to any other payment gateway since its the only one that customers trust I want to ask if you have any idea to warm up paypal before start doing this business with, i...
  16. B

    Need Help! Payoneer bank account to Paypal.

    Hello, I have an issue connecting my Payoneer virtual bank account with PayPal. I have tried many times, I even tried to chat with the support but no luck. Do we have any other options to create virtual accounts to connect it with PayPal? Any help would be appreciated. Thank You!
  17. Shawerma

    I am located in the Middle East, I am trying to open stripe payments, can anyone help?

    I am located in the middle east and I want to open a bank account in USA or UK is that possible? I think I will earn a lot from my online shop and I was wondering how I need to go through this
  18. StarSodaME

    How to get a long term online USA phone number for receiving sms from PayPal

    1. United States phone number 2. Long term(I will use it for 5 years maybe longer, so it has to be very stable, new app or new website is risky for me) 3. Non-VOIP number(PayPal doesn't accept VOIP number, Google Voice and Dingtone etc won't work) 4. All can be done online(I can't provide...
  19. RealGatman

    Hello There

    Hi there I am new here. I joined here looking to exchange experience and help and get help in Ecomerce, IPTV , google ads domains. lloking forward to talk to you.
  20. mmoguru

    [JV] Facebook/Google ads Master needed; Your facebook/google ads+My capital/website/shipping.

    Here is the plan: 1.I build a website that selling any product you suggest; 3.You use facebook/google ads to lead sales; 4.We divide all the profits (about this details can be talked by DM). I will pay you (T+1) at first day(T means the day have sales,really quick money you know,not the day...
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