1. KORO22

    Email database validation and distribution

    I have emails from one site 2m+ mails. I want to validate it and then send to them. Do we have e-mail specialists here who can help with it?
  2. provocative

    E-mail Marketing

    Hi, I would like to send weekly newsletter e-mails to my subscribed users (around 15K) and I am looking for a budget option. I am looking easy mail sending solution like mailchimp. Or a service that can provide me an easy panel with a low-cost budget. I just want to upload my list regularly...
  3. M

    Email marketing experts

    Dear Friends, We are seeking email marketing experts to help us dissimilate business promotions to a list of clients obtained from a job website. The list is quite extensive and the promo is creative HTML design. The issues we need resolved are as follows: (i) We need a high inbox rate (80%...
  4. T

    Please help with affiliate marketing

    I'm willing to get started with affiliate marketing and from what i understand is that you have to build a e-mail list, I understand that you have to make a opt-in page. But what is a basic structure for a e-mail for marketing i've been looking all over youtube and they don't explain what type...
  5. Purush

    E-mail provider recommendation?

    Hello Friends I am tired of GMAIL , please recommend good email provider. I dont mind paying minimal amount. I should be able to open in multiple IP , that's my requirement.
  6. D

    Bulk E-Mailing though GSuit?

    Hey guys, recently I thought about bulk mailing with GSuite. They offer user licenses for 6$/month which is very cheap. I found this article which states that the daily sending limit to unique E-Mail addresses is 130 times the number of users licensed under a GSuite account...
  7. supereek

    [GET] List of 1500 free e-mail address websites

    I can imagine some of you need some different extension for their 'online activities' then gmail etc.. maybe because those are easier to register and require less verification or some other reasons. Here is a list of 1500 free e-mail address websites, some of them are down but majority should...
  8. D

    Looking for someone who can send bulk E-Mails

    Hey, I'm looking for someone who can help me send 1000-10000 E-Mails per day. Please pm me if you can do that.
  9. M

    The Future of Giveaways

    Hello ppl, I want to start a Big Giveaway for an online store. Now im thinking of sending all Entrys directly to WhatsApp to Build a WhatsApp List instead of an E-Mail List. The opening rate is really high and its easy to enter. What do you guys think about this idea?
  10. E

    E-Mail Marketer for Apparel E-Comm

    Hi, I'm looking to hire an E-Mail Marketer for my E-Commerce. We have a mailing list, while it's small, it's pretty active with loyal customers. We'd like to hire you with a monthly rate and see 1/2 e-mails per wee. The goal is to drive traffic to our website via discounts, deals, sales and...
  11. Biostar12

    Need help with an old account

    Hello everybody. Could you help me with a lost YT account? I'm trying to find the email for 3 days and I'm out of ideas now. The channel name is "Civil Protector the Shitposter". I need it soo bad. I have proof that it belongs to me incase you need it. Thanks in advance!
  12. xHustlerx

    Earning money with scraping + email marketing?

    Hello, The past days I'm looking for ways how to get into email marketing-building email lists by scraping/renting/buying them and earn money. Can someone copy links or give me hints where I could find more information regarding it? Anyhow, Situation A: So far I have found a way to scrape...
  13. ekmll

    E-mail Lists + Clickbank Affiliate HELP

    I've found about 2m e-mail addresses from myriad of internet sources. Is it legal to send Clickbank e-mail swipes to those people? For example let's say I target people from US. What are my chances of getting sued? I already receive tons of e-mail from companies I never gave permission. If there...
  14. D

    Mass E-mailing Without Getting Labeled As 'Spam'

    There's this feature in Instant Articles which allows the readers to submit their e-mail associated with their FB account if they are interested in newsletter/deals/etc. Over a few months I have collected a small list (<1000) of emails who willingly submitted their e-mails as they are...
  15. HustleRick

    E-Mail marketing - Legal implications

    Recently I started getting more and more mails which are added to my list. I'm fairly confident that over the months It will grow to a targeted, large e-mail list which can be really profitable. Question: Anyone knows if I could get sued for that? Basically the emails are scraped and I'm very...
  16. Brett5o

    Best database to find leads?

    Hello, Would love some tips and feedback about the best ways to finding leads. Going through LinkedIn or Googling it out, what other methods are you guys using to find leads about the Website/Company? Besides scraping it yourself, maybe you guys have some feedback about certain contact data...
  17. Seagate44

    Sendy + Wordpress

    Hey fams! I'm looking for a piece of advice regarding Sendy integration with Wordpress. Is there anyone who use that? I want to ask about what plugins do you use for pop up optins + in-post optin forms, and how do you set up cron job for autoresponder. Thank you!
  18. Seagate44

    How to BULK deliver to gmail.com ??

    Hey I've got mailing list of over 50k potential customers and I want to send them e-mail with my link, but as we all know sending that many emails with the same link will end up putting these emails in junk box real quick (in the best scenario). Also it may be treated as a spam, I dont mind it...
  19. Stoper

    SMTP for e-mail spam

    Tell me where can I buy quality SMTP for e-mail spam? Is there a proven service with reviews on this forum?
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