1. H

    Have a stable income

    Hey guys ! It's been 1-2 weeks that I'm looking for BWH a way to make money but I can not find a method that suits me So I decided to list what I like and try to find a way to make money with The 2 things that appeal to me the most are the Streaming site and Dropshipping I'm going to list the...
  2. S

    Selling FitBit

    Hi looking for agood supplier for Fitbit Pabbels Any models you might have thanks
  3. D

    Need some advice at to, is dropshipping worth it in 2019

    Hi, I am considering to start at a dropshipping store in the travel nitch and advertise my products on Instagram from influencers. I have heard mixed reviews about doing and you should not do it. I would like some honest opinions on whether I should make one or not.
  4. M

    Dropshipping vs Instagram

    Hey, I had some experience in creating shopify shops for dropshipping, now I am doubting into learn more about dropshipping or start with Instagram...growing accounts, promoting CPA, bots... I don't have much capital to invest at the moment and dropshipping requires a good marketing budget, I am...
  5. share4win

    [Dropshipping Journey] - Goal to reach $1,000/Month Profit before Dec'19 with min.investment

    Hello Friends, Welcome to my new dropshipping journey and the goal is to reach $1,000/month as profit before Dec'19 & flip the site for $xx,xxx. I've tried it in the past and failed miserably due to my laziness, lack of funds. This time, I've a plan which has been drawn in my whiteboard and...
  6. С

    I Have Many ATC but Little Sales

    I started to sale product in Usa I get 40 Atc and 7 Checkout And 1 sale .My conversion rate is 0.69% Please Help Me What can I Do ?
  7. ste rathb

    My eBay your products. Professional Joint Venture.

    Hi I have a United Kingdom eBay account. 6 years old. 100% positive feedback. (Top Rated) £1.6 million per month sales allowance. (eBay) £500k per month sales allowance. (Paypal) 100% white hat account. Top rank in product search results. Looking for a professional joint venture with...
  8. creativeshuvo

    [Help] Please suggest me best VPN works in china

    It's been a long time i haven't post anything in BHW. I hope every one doing great. I came to china almost 1 year, I hope almost everyone know social media platform like facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest etc blocked in china. last one year i tried lot of free and paid both VPN doesn't...
  9. K

    Is it possible to sale a physical product to cold traffic ?

    I started a shopify store, I found a relatively good product that was selling on others side ( the product was something useful for babies) but I dont know how they were selling it. So it is possible to sell something by the first interaction with the user ( cold traffic), does it just has to be...
  10. S

    FacebooK & PayPal Payemnt Method

    Hi Brothers, When i try to pay my Facebook Ads with my PayPal Balance but didn't work, The message in the File please help how can i pay my ads with PayPal. Thank you so much
  11. R

    Pricing dropshipping

    Hello guys, I'm just starting a dropshipping store and I don't know too much about how should I price my products. I saw some calculators ..but I'm looking for more accurate results not just (Listed price - product price from Aliexpress = profit) . Because I know that I need to think about...
  12. TigerWinG

    Confuse Which Path I Choose !?

    What I Know , I Know About SEO Link Building Off Page On Page SEO, Know about Wordpress and blogger, CPA With Youtube i also buyed scraped email from facebook group about buy sell , Know about DropShiping with sopify I I also have seo blog but not maintain that blog as a result droped google...
  13. isnbd

    Affiliate Marketing Or Dropshiping Business

    I am just looking for a business partner for Affiliate Marketing Or Dropshiping Business. Note : This Business Through Via Online Store or any Affiliate network.. I am Affiliate Marketing and any product marketing Specialist via Internet With 6 years experience... :) I can arrange Buyer where...
  14. nsfw

    [First Post] Dilemma in Jumping into eCom/dropshipping!

    Hello my fellow members. I'm in a huge dilemma on weather to jump into the dropshipping boat or not. Is it still a good time or am I too late for the party. I have been reading a lot about Shopify/Dropshipping lately and want to know if it's already saturated. Thank you.
  15. J

    Wholesaler for dropship

    Hi folks, Where are you looking for wholesalers to dropship in EU/UK ? Maybe have some good suggestions I am talking about normal offers, where you can make good ROI, not these 10-20%.. Lets share your ideas and discuss here, Regards
  16. marchioni

    Shopify Payment Gateway Problem

    Hi Dropshippers, I have a really big problem with setting up my shopify store payment gateway. Since I am from the Balkans and my country is not in the EU the only available options for payment gateway are paypal and 2Checkout. The problem is although is like an option in shopify I can't...
  17. L

    dropshing+blog, is this doable?

    I am newbe here. I wonder if it is doable build a dropshing site which contains a blog to promote. Will it be too casual to the customer? or I do it in shopify? btw I am in China. i want to take good use of this advantage. any insight advice is welcome. If it is doable, should i put blog on...