1. jacob cohen

    I'm Out of Control Due to Payment Methods! (Any Help, Please?)

    I'm involved in dropshipping and currently sell products like Barbie items and similar merchandise. However, I'm facing challenges with payment gateways. Could you please suggest some payment gateways that would work well within my niche?
  2. Adilpro

    My 2 seller accounts on ebay and etsy, Your products/ ideas..

    Hi, Here is what I have: + 1 aged ebay seller account (2016) already linked to payoneer +1 new etsy account, already 2 products active on it + 1 paypal aged account too + 3 facebook aged account with marketplace activated I'm open for suggestions and collaborations :)
  3. ryzendrak

    [Journey] $0 to $10k a month with Dropshipping

    Yep, that's right from $0 to $10k a month (Profit). I'm still having doubts about this but I'd rather do this than regret it 5 years later not trying it at all miserable in my 9-5 job :weep: and dreaming about my caravan bugaa'ee truck (Free NSFW pic below ;)). Also who knows doing this might...
  4. J

    Most effective: B2B Dropshipping email list + FB Lookalike OR Regular FB Ads targetted to Dropshippers?

    Hello hello! Asking for advice here, I've a Saas that has tools for those who want to be dropshippers. I want to advertise this using FB. However I have a B2B email list of companies about dropshipping. Is it any advantage to using this email list + FB lookalike audiences over just regular FB...
  5. NobleGuyHere

    any tool/software can add my Amazon/AliExpress referral cookie to the user browser automatically without let him know?

    when i generate link from amazon associate or aliexpress and let the user click on that link, i will get commissions on every purchase they do in a specific time for example:24H, my question : is there any tool or software i can add both amazon and AliExpress cookie to the user browser?
  6. V

    i cant seem to get any sales on my shopify store

    I have created 5 stores in total i have never gotten any sales even tho I advertised them, shop I have active right now is "rinseease (dot) shop" I paid a couple of Instagram people to advertise it but still no sales i need help!
  7. Cro7

    Amazon FBA + Tiktok method (bonus: dropshipping IG acc with 50mil views on IG in less than 1month)

    Hello everyone, one idea came up to my mind. Some are probably doing this, but for some this may be new. I though of doing Amazon FBA + promoting those items on TikTok (videos like "best items you can find on amazon", "tiktok made me buy it" and other creative ideas that could get lots of...
  8. abdelhake

    ( Journey ) to Launch 10 Dropshipping Stores And Make Sales Using Only SEO

    The saying goes, "Better late than never." ! At the beginning of the year, it was among my Todolist to launch some dropshipping stores in 2022, but until now I didn't know how 6 months had passed without doing it, now I regret the time that passed, but it's okay. We can do it and it's better...
  9. M

    Best day and time to post for theme pages

    Hello,im doing multiple collab with theme pages (i run an ecom shop) and want to know about the best days and times to post on ig. Thanks in advance
  10. Jaminha

    Some questions from a newbie about TikTok Ads, copyright, dropshipping and anime :)

    Hello everyone, I'm new here at BHW and I started a dropshipping operation with the anime niche, and I'm sorry for my English. But if you don't mind, I have some questions that I would be very happy and grateful if someone answered them, it would help me a lot.:) 1 (Copyright) - What are the...
  11. elladani

    [AMA]I made over 700k€ in around1,5 years of droshipping, ask me anything

    Hi, As i'm slowly planning to stop my dropshipping adventure, i'm doing a AMA so you can learn a bit from my experience, Here are some basic information, Where are you from ? I'm French (From France) What market did you target ? Only the French Market (i did try DE & US market but it didn't...
  12. O

    PayPal Card Processing

    I think now we can accept Credit Cards, and the money can be sent to our PayPal
  13. Patchy420

    So what do you think is the most easiet way to get to 6 figures online ?

    So what do you think is the most easiet way to get to 6 figures online ?
  14. Estrid

    [Journey] Trying to earn $600 per month with print-on-demand.

    Introduction So I'm sure some of you have read Podninja's Passive Income through POD Websites thread. If you haven't feel free to read it to save me explaining POD. I had a Redbubble store that was on its way to earning a decent passive income BUT with everything going in the world and...
  15. sparkh

    Dropshipping - General site VS Niche site

    Hi guys, i wanted to ask what are you experiences with a general site instead of a niche site. I'm using niche sites like beauty, smartwatch, glasses etc Do you think a big store with all kind of products and categories can work ? Did you ever try it ?
  16. ossamamarwan

    Can I Re-Selling Brand Name Products on Etsy?

    Hi Guys! Is ok to sell brand names like Gucci and others .... on Etsy?
  17. cheezellit

    Almost 1000$ sales ebay dropshipping

    First of all, I'd like to thank @Crazycam727 for his amazing post about his amazing journey, he inspired me (and maybe a lot of other people) to start their online business. The link to his thread: https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/100k-dropshipping-story-long-read.1252182/ So just like...
  18. Tall_Mike

    Product Research Tools - Ebay and Amazon

    Hey BHW community, I am going to begin selling on eBay and Amazon and I wanted to see if there were any product research tools you guys would recommend that would be good for both platforms. I had 2 ideas in mind - 1. Get JungleScount and use it specifically for the Amazon marketplace, and...
  19. G

    Ebay Dropshipping Course

    Hello guys, Do you know any free course for ebay dropshipping? Also is it worth it dropship from aliexpress? What do you think?
  20. See you vader

    Paying Ads with Transferwise ?

    I receive payments from my online store to my (personal) Transferwise account. Can I pay FB or Google ads with Transferwise ? Or transfer that money to Payoneer and use that to pay the ads ? Note : My account is personal and not business, I do not have the Transferwise card.
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