1. Landlerd

    Youtube and Wolf Fat

    During my youth in a small town in the Urals, they were preparing for the mayoral elections. There was one candidate from the opposition party who refused to listen to the regional leadership, did not withdraw his candidacy, and decided to fight to the end. The opposition candidate was a big...
  2. UnusualSubstance

    Dogs of BHW

    That's right you sausage rolls, let's see those fluffy fucks. Daisy says hello bhw.
  3. Kam88

    Pet (Dog & Cat) Category Brand Growth

    Hi Mates, I currently took on a project where I will be assisting a pet food brand grow their market presence here in the US. Currently I'm seeking placement on both pet blogs with strong authority and also on pet social media outlets (if there are any other outlets that you've seen success...
  4. GNews

    What's the Best Dog Breeds You've Had?

    Most everyone's had dogs in their lives. Whether it was yours or one you had a special relationship with and spent time. Got a question for everyone. What are the best dog breeds you've ever had? Mine: 1) Cocker Spaniel, super loyal and chill. Had one of these a long part of my life. Only...
  5. shiboshy

    [Jr. VIP Giveaway] Lifetime Mod Access - FB Group: 7,600+ Pennsylvania, US Members

    First come first serve! Get mod access (lifetime) on a FB Group. Group details Members: 7,600+ Location: United States, mostly in the state of Pennsylvania Activity: Medium Requirements: Jr. VIP or higher membership 1000+ posts Post stuff that does not violate FB community standards only...
  6. Almighty Pull

    [DOG THINGS] Good boy gets the happy hops when his human comes home :)

    This made my day guys, wanted to share with you as well :D
  7. - WSA - WordSmith Agency

    How to monetize Instagram page with Dogs

    Hi guys, I recently got an Instagram page with Pitbulls 25K but I have no idea how to monetize. Any idea? Thanks
  8. S

    Copyright free images of dogs ? Need for my ecom site

    Hi ! So I have a personalized product coming up. For it's marketing I'll be making a video where I show dog on the left and it's personalized version of my product on right . Where can I get copyright free images to be used in such a way ?
  9. Unclechips

    Dogs and ghosts/spirits

    My question is can dogs see ghosts or spirits. I have a 4 months old German Shepherd I am noticing that from when I adopted him 4th July 2k17 I have no bad dreams like fighting,killing,blood related where one can be totally frightened. The day when he came in my house Everything everything...
  10. seoways

    The World Is Not Only For Humans

    Not sure sharing this here in Lounge would be okay. But I really felt bad from this morning after got to see a video in Facebook newsfeed (I could not even watch it completely, closed it in middle) consists of COPs shooting pet dogs mercilessly - This has been occupying my whole day and didnt...
  11. Jenova

    Any Pitbull (or other misjudged breeds) Moms and Dads here?

    This is my rescued APBT, Herman G.P. Munster (the G.P. stands for "Green Peepers"). He showed up in my neighborhood one day injured and looking generally rough. The worst was a gash on his neck due to an embedded collar that was on him so tight it's a wonder he could breathe. Long story short...
  12. A

    Pets affiliate programs?

    Hi guys!. I have a male rottweiler puppy, i want to create a channel and a blog for him, will i'll be posting his videos and daily diaries ... So i was thinking of making benefits of this, i'll use adsense in the blog/channel videos ... I also want to use an affiliate program where i can promote...
  13. Vic Sage

    Why a Dog is a Man's Best Friend

    He loves you even when you are trying to get rid of him - He keeps your house clean - He goes with you to your office for "General" help - He goes on fishing with you - He goes on riding with you - He gets things done for you which you always wanted to do -
  14. M

    Looking for Pets Affiliate Program

    I need the best Affiliate Programs Related to dogs and pets .
  15. G

    New Kid on the Block (Chatsworth, CA)

    Hello people, I'm Sherman from Chatsworth CA. Glad to be here and check out the place. I have a lot to share but Ill wait for awhile to get to know a few of the members first. I have a wife and two kids, three little dogs and a busy life! I sell online and offline. I love to learn...
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