1. codeman1234

    Looking DMOZ Editor

    Hello, I am looking on the forum for a DMOZ Editor or someone that can create listing for a couple of websites on DMOZ Directory the right way, please let me know can do this for me, you can PM if you like about it. I know people say that DMOZ no matter anymore but, I need this, thanks ...
  2. codeman1234

    Adult Category in DMOZ dissapear?

    Hello, I am trying to add to DMOZ an adult site but, it seems that the Adult category has dissapear, can someone tell me if adult sites are no more avaliable on DMOZ or what is going on? Cheers!!
  3. sfidirectory

    Any DMOZ editors in here?

    Hi all, I hope the "lounge" section is the right place to post this thread? Let me know if it isnt... Anyway I am an editor of a DMOZ category, which is...
  4. sfidirectory

    Application for editor at DMOZ: Approved!!

    Hey everyone, No one probably cares but I just got approved as an editor in DMOZ today :). Hopefully that means they accepted my site (they should have). If anyone is having problems getting their site into DMOZ let me know. You still have to stick to the usual DMOZ guidelines and TOS etc...
  5. sfidirectory

    Anyone here have their site listed in DMOZ directory?

    Hi everyone, As it seems so hard to get a website listed, I regard DMOZ as being the "holy grail" when it comes to getting a website listed in a directory that has an excellent reputation, as well as an equally excellent Page Rank. I am wondering if anyone on here has their site listed in DMOZ...
  6. M

    How to get listed in DMOZ

    I have looked around for a white hat method to get into the DMOZ directory with no good suggestions other than apply, wait and hope. I have seen sites that people are offering to get you listed for $400.00 (100% guaranteed) I do not want to pay for the listing, is there a method for getting...
  7. Caesar13

    Dmoz Listing

    Hi, I need someone who can get my blog listed in Dmoz. I can pay a reasonable amount for this service. My blog has around 100 original posts and i update it regularly. So if you can help me out than do PM me or reply here Cheers Nimit kashyap
  8. I

    How can i get listed on dmoz

    Hey guys how can i get my domain listed on dmoz and is their any other you recommend that will help out for seo purposes
  9. wawekakaiko

    How to get easily a link from an authority site

    Hi there, This is my way of getting easily links back from authority websites: It takes a bit of time, but it's worth it. When you start your webpage, start it first like a real informative website, no ads, banners whatsoever. Just useful information about the subject. Than contact the guys...
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