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Sep 2, 2010
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I have looked around for a white hat method to get into the DMOZ directory with no good suggestions other than apply, wait and hope. I have seen sites that people are offering to get you listed for $400.00 (100% guaranteed)

I do not want to pay for the listing, is there a method for getting listed in DMOZ?

DMOZ has become a huge scam, because it is human edited and the editors are taking cash to get listed. I would not worry about DMOZ and just focus on getting ranked in the top 3, all of which can be done without DMOZ.
You don't need DMOZ, so long as you are on the first page of google near the top 3-4 who cares about being listed on DMOZ!
Forget dmoz, it's not important these days.
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DMOZ takes FOREVER to get listed, if you get listed at all. Patience is the name of the game there...
I applied about 2 years ago. I didnt hear anything from them for 6 months. Then, I applied again and decided to never go back. About 8 months after I applied a second time, I got approved. I really only cared because everyone said it was hard to do. It wasnt hard at all, for me at least. It just took a long time
i have never managed to get any of my sites listed in DMOZ.
One of my niches has all my sites listed. Its not what you know..........:D
Thanks all for the input, I wont pay for it, doesnt seem to be worth it. I will apply for it and be done with it, whatever happens, happens.

Thanks again
So I'd really appreciate it if someone could point me to a party that can get me listed in DMOZ with a 100% guarantee (okay a real 100% guarantee). PM would be great!
its not imporanant to listed on dmoz

my many site in on top position and i never submited anh site on dmoz that's really waste of money to paid for dmoz listing
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Agreed, don't waste your time with DMOZ! I have many top ranked sites and have never submitted them to DMOZ. Same with my client sites.
Well, I think it is just my nature of not being able to do something. But when the deck is stacked against you, its time ot move on!
DMOZ Scammers and How DMOZ Suckered Us

for $5k...??? got to be kidding me....!!!!!!!!!!
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