1. T

    What the heck is this in my Search Console???

    So, I'm looking through the top queries for the month and I noticed that we got 184 clicks to one of our pages from the search query: "" WTF is this??? How is that URL a query? We have ZERO links and ZERO association with that site...
  2. R

    Is Yeesshh worth it?

    How is Yeesshh for marketing network services for sending traffic ? Is it worth it? Or is there any better than Yeesshh?
  3. jharr53301

    Need UK / EU traffic to hit my affiliate link and sit on the tube page .

    Need traffic to click my 5 different affiliate links and visit the page... looking for good prices thanks
  4. ggvbro

    [How] can i identify Ads Accidental Clicks on my Website?

    Hello everyone, Thanks for reading my Thread. I monetize my website with Adsense, and i want to know if there is a way to identify Ads Accidental Clicks on my website. I usually split my articles into 10 to 13 pages, when i check Google Analytics behavior flow, i see most of Ads clicks on the...
  5. V

    LosPollos account with more than 235 hits but no convertion

    Hi! im looking for advises for my account no lospollos, I cant get any revenue at all but i have a lot of hits. Here you have screenshot of my report Any advise for get revenue? I added expired domains related to porn for redirection, have a xvideos channel, with more than 250k views each...
  6. I

    Help With New Bing Ads Account

    Hello, so over time I built up a blackhat bing ad that generate good revenue for myself. At one point the daily budget was 500USD and it would spend anywhere from 250-350USD a day with accelerated spending on and high bids on keywords, generating thousands of impressions daily. Now, I've had to...
  7. 0

    Traffic Generation

    BHW, I'm currently searching for a traffic / click generation service that can provide visitors to my campaign links in large quantities. The merchants of Fiverr and SEOClerks don't seem to be able to deliver enough traffic within a reasonable time frame. The success of this project is...
  8. KDanes

    Clicking on my own videos, 2000 times manually. Will it effect the Algorithm?

    So for the last 6 months or so I've been manually giving my own unreleased videos thousands of views. I used a combination of a VPN and about 15 dummy accounts to get the job done. However, I've noticed a couple of strange things. 1st: videos that I gave 2000 views PRIOR to making them go...
  9. AussieDollar

    Aliexpress affiliate program questions?

    Do anyone know answers to these questions? Member Level - (Your Member Level will be re-assessed on 10th of each month according to your previous month's performance) 1. I assume everybody starts with - instead of PT1 New? 2. Why can the dashboard only show statistics till 11.2.2019? Usually...
  10. abdelmajid506

    Clicks [Google adsense] are not counted

    Hello guys, I have clicks on my ads but not counted by Google adsense. is there a problem? All clicks are normal and visitors USA from my pages on Facebook.
  11. T

    How would you monetize 200 clicks?

    Lets say you could get guaranteed 200 banner ad clicks per day, from usa, mainly mobile traffic, how would you monetize it to get the most money per? Please dont be vague like "affiliate marketing" I want to know more precise strategies.
  12. ShiningWarrior

    Regarding monitoring clicks - OGads offer

    Hey, I'm trying to promote an offer in OGAds and the payout is $25 CPA. Now, the generated link is already a nicely made website with good CTA to the landing page. Now, OGads will record the clicks as usual but how can I make sure that the number of clicks that OGads registers is the correct...
  13. R

    Massive Drop In Cost Per Conversion On Adwords

    Hi It has been over 9 months since adwords stopped forcing users to increase their ad group daily budgets: This change allows you to keep the initial daily spend and maintain a similar number of Impressions, Clicks...
  14. B

    CPALead not seeing my referral clicks?

    I've had a niche submitted in the "pay per click" section of CPALead for the last 8 days. There are currently 160+ people promoting it. I have been making $1-$5 a day promoting someone elses niche, passively from a YT video. That means off of just me, that guy/girl is making 50 cents or so per...
  15. B

    Completely Baffled (10,000 hops no sales)

    Just hit 10K hops on my weight loss products on ClickBank, zero sales. I have had success with many other products in the niche, but nothing this year with the 10,000 organic hops. This product has the highest gravity too.. Thanks a lot. - BP
  16. NextLevelCrazy

    Am I just not doing enough or doing it wrong?

    Hey Everyone, I have an affiliate that I have sent 25710 click through to over the past year. It has only converted 3 times. I get that offers expire and some of these offers buyer have figured out the trick to the trail offers so they won't convert. There is so many possible of why click...
  17. Crusage

    Best way to get clicks on your link?

    What would be the best way to get alot of clicks on your link? Would it be to spam in youtube comment? Reupload porn? make youtube videos? reupload youtube videos? snapchat? instagram? facebook? twitter? What is the best way? (im trying to promote crakrevenue smartlinks)
  18. L

    CrakRevenue not converting-tips and ideas?

    Hello, I am driving CrakRevenue PPL clicks from my twitter page. I am mainly promoting Dating PPL offers. Out of 118 clicks 0 converted. (The 0.5$ payout is for a sale, not a signup) Any idea why this is happening. I am promoting MilfTastic, SexSearch and Instant Hookups. More than half of...
  19. R

    How I get more click or traffic on particular keyword?

    I have some keyword that has a great ranking on Google. but they don't have click and traffic on that keyword so I want to know how I get more traffic and click on particular keyword. By moving up a few positions a particular keyword, they get more clicks and traffic. so give me some suggestion.
  20. Panther28

    How are people getting cheap facebook clicks?

    I've been running a few campaigns, but in particular, this weekend was a total no brainer, I had a slideshow ad setup, and targeting dog owners in vermont. Goal is add to cart. But i've paid £2.50 a click my stats say, how the hell can i bring this down? What are other people getting for...
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