blogging help

  1. SocialTuber

    How to set featured image to fit whole screen?

    Hi, I have been trying to figure this out for a while but nothing seems to work, for those wondering I use Astra theme and Elementor Pro as editor. Would be appreciated if someone could help me out! Additionally, there is a lot of whitespace above the featured image between the image and the...
  2. Telko

    Is there any way to download all published posts from someone else blog?

    Hey guys, I'm searching for a method to download all posts from my competitor's blog. Is there any method to do so? Pls, help me out. I found a blog in my regional language that generates 7 million monthly traffic with DA just 8. The category of the site is 'adult stories'. I have analysed the...
  3. M

    [NEED HELP] Keywords Have Low Search Volume, Profitable?

    Hello BHW-ers! Months ago, I purchased a domain and hosting. It's about a couple of guides and roadmaps to fellow online workers and self-employed people, to state to you a general overview of what it is. Now, while I was doing keyword research, I noticed that almost all my seed keywords...
  4. S

    Newb Need Help From The Elite (ASAP PLEASE)

    I started a user based all categories blog 4months ago, Ive been monetizing thru adsense and criteo. users can also post an ad post for cheap plus get them featured also running an all access membership at a $1 a month. i also added amazon affiliates for sneakers, jewelry, games and clothes. i...
  5. S

    Free Blogging Service That Allows Adult Affiliate Ads?

    I have been looking for a free blogging service that allows HTML customization and also allows the user to upload XXX Content and Adult Affiliate Ad Scripts. I have tried Tumblr but have been terminated due to the fact they do not accept Affiliate Advertising of any kind. Any help is greatly...
  6. seotechlab

    Does blogging actually needs tonn of dedication ?

    Does managing market campaigns and keeping blog up to date with latest blogging techniques can create a popular blog ?
  7. seotechlab

    blogging each day is necessary ?

    Is it necessary to post everyday?
  8. seotechlab

    can blog visitors be monetized ?

    Blog readers are resistant to monetization methods and look for free content so how to monetize these blog visitors ?
  9. vivek.verma

    Need urgent help in Ganzo theme customization

    I have customized a wp ganzo theme, and added a page with name "Home" for modules.. And setted it as a static homepage. Now he title looks like: Any Title | A additional "|" is appearing. I have installed Ultimate SEO plugin, but its not due to that, i have checked by deactivating. After that, I...
  10. A

    Gothic, Tattoo, Fashion, Music, Industrial, Science Fiction, Horror, Adult, TV Bloggers

    This is my first Hire a Freelancer thread on BHW. Please be gentle :D This is a test job. If we like working together, my company is seeking bloggers who can produce large numbers of well-written posts. I buy 1,000's of content items per year and I'd like to buy more. On an ongoing basis, each...
  11. C

    Can not save export wordpress blog

    Hi all,I just made a wordpress blog, i clean to get no message i put new "easel template" i save a big ping list inside. So i want to export in xml to make a "copy past" with tons of others wordpress blogs (easier to get a "ready" blog after). Here the trouble when i "import" to an other...
  12. A

    article spinner ? ? ?

    does anyone have article spinner or some sort of same software ? if yes then plz help me out
  13. irishlee1982

    can i get in trouble using rss feeds from ezinearticles to my blog

    yeah hello guys just want to get some advice from those who know i currently have a few blogs at the minute and i personally write my own content for thoses blogs but i was getting lazy so i decided to set up an auto blog systems thats sends feeds from ezinearticles to my blogs can i get in...
  14. N

    I need good traffic from UK,where to find ?

    I made some site and need traffic only from UK, i have some solution to get from facebook UK traffic, but not sure is it good for my domain and SEO? I use wordpress and i will install plugin to block all country except UK , is it good for SEO and my domain? I need to good rank only for UK. Any...
  15. L

    Autoblogging Vs Manual Blogging

    I'm a bit curious with auto blogging, do you know what is the best blogging option, there is a lot of software out there who promise a large income, traffic and visitors for auto blogging, do you think it will save me from using manual blogging. Is there any option blog service provider could...
  16. ch8878

    Were is a good place to get free pictures to put on a blog ?

    I need help getting pictures for blogs were can I find some good ones for free and without signing up ?
  17. hireganesh

    Hello , newbie from India

    Hi everyone, I am one of lucky members of BHW to gain unlimited knowledge and access to thoughts and ideas about generating money :cool:. Well, motivation has really hit me hard and started blogging again. It's real nice to read all stuff and know what everyone is earning from. Thank you all...
  18. NemoTheOne

    Regarding The WP theme editor (the_content)

    I would like, on my page, to show just excerpts, then when users click on the blog entry, obviously they would come to the full article. So I've changed in the in the main index template php file through the theme editor the part where it says the_content to the_excerpt However when...
  19. G

    What is this PLUGIN???

    This guy has a voting plugin that has out of this world potential for creating review sites or similar things but I can't seem to find it! I'm a new guy on the forum but it's on www-deanhunt-com/make-money-online It's like voting for your favorite blog but it could be used so much better. I...