blogging each day is necessary ?

Depends on your niche.

For mine it isn't, but the one thing that will always be important is quality.
If you have kick ass articles you can post once per month, if you have ok articles post as much as you can
For Google freshness it will be only beneficial. For users... well maybe not so much since it takes a lot of time and energy to create exceptionally interesting and worth reading content.
If you don't have quality articles, you must rely on quantity, so as sooner as possible.
As a blogger myself blogging each day can be tedious but sometimes you have to, sometimes you dont. All depends on what your site is all about. You'll find it easier to blog if it's something you're interested in rather than positing for the sake of it.

Look at your links of your blogging platform so when you arent posting new content you're busy updating the most hit pages for freshness.
If you're doing it on a daily basis it is good.
But generally it depends on your niche and your target audience.
Quality > Quantity every time. Having said that adding a new *quality* article each day cant hurt :)
Is it necessary to post everyday?

If you can write post everyday then why not go for publishing? But there is no mandatory rules and regulation. If you can then do otherwise you can publish post whenever you can write.
Do remember posting regularly is definitely a good sign for blogging.
Let me ask you a question. Would you continue to visit a site if it wasn't updated regularly? Why would I visit the same site every day if every day it was the same, if nothing was new and nothing was updated? Now, you can answer your question. If you want an authoritative blog/site and you're looking to build your returning visitors, then make posts on at least an every other day basis.
Not necessarily but it would be great to post regularly, maybe every other day. Just be consistent with your blog content.
Its good if you will publish fresh and high quality keyword stuff content on a daily basis, this will be helpful to increase the count of visitors for your site as well as ranking in search engine. If there is any time issue then you can schedule your post.
Blogging each day is not necessary but if you post then he is helpful for your traffic into Google organic and our visitor are read new thing.
Not necessary, use schedule button and scheduled all articles of month in one day :)

For blogs its good to publish articles on regular bases but not necessary publish each day,
What about Tech blogs ?

IF tech blogs are not covering regular updates/tech news/tech updates then can not expect regular visitors, why one visitor come back to your site if you are not publishing regularly.
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