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  1. Toz

    New Year, New Website. This is My Journey (Road to $250 / day)

    Over the years, I've been inspired by numerous journey threads on BHW. @HenryHavoc :: @Bloooop :: @Kikerinka ...
  2. Deadlight

    ✅ LIVE ✅ Become A Topical Authority In Your Niche. Dominate Google In 2023!

    Get MASSIVE Traffic Without Backlinks. CRUSH Your Competitors in 2023. Let's get straight to the point. You want traffic. LOTS of traffic. FAST. Without spending $10,000 on backlinks Or YEARS waiting. You need to convince Google to rank you. ASAP. There is a way to achieve this. By...
  3. Anni Rahman

    Top 10 Step By Step guide to Build Authority Site & Start Making -Lets Start From Today

    Lots of people make money with Amazon affiliate sites/many other affiliates program. But for every success story, there are plenty of researchers who never quite get there. You can see many sellers in different flipping sites at 5-500K by making 1-10K $ in each month because they have taken...
  4. Euphorix

    HYPERSTREAMS [automated income]

    Esteemed Colleagues!! INTRODUCTION I used to hangout on this forum a lot. I made some good money with eBay to Amazon arbitrage, then got into instagram where I grew a 30m IG network with a business partner. Times were good, so I decided to take things to the next level and joined a business...
  5. Z

    Publish 1 article daily on tech blog for 3 months.

    Hello fellow members! Welcome to my first journey. Now enough with wasting time, let's get to work. Small intro - Mohd Zaid from India, a noob blogger who wasted 1-year thinking blogging is tough without even trying. About this journey - Start working on my 4 month old domain. Find...
  6. P

    [Journey] Beginner To Create An Asian Version of Buzzfeed

    If you look at my posting history, pretty new to actually getting dirty with SEO and Wordpress. I've decided on this niche due to the trend on social media I see of asian culture becoming more "mainstream" as well as being asian myself, so it'll be fun and easy to connect. I do have a sort of...
  7. A

    I am about to use Duplicate content. Please guide me!

    Hello, Actually I am about to create an authority site around a Clickbank niche and within that niche I will promote some good gravity Clickbank products. Now, I have lots of FREE resources from the companies like articles, recipes, videos, pictures, posts, etc. But the problem is, those...
  8. evemoni

    A N00bs Journey to Building an Authority Blog in Cybersecurity

    Hi BHW! So, I'm a noob, long time lurker, frequent purchaser from the marketplace, and I've made some money online but, I've never undertaken something this big before. I've had a dream, for a while, that I've been afraid to act on. I always wanted my own consulting firm for cybersecurity, which...
  9. new_don

    Outrank Bank Websites For Particular Keyword

    Hi, I have a website in personal finance and i want to rank for a particular keyword "Fixed Deposit Calculator" in India but all the top 10 positions are taken by the bank websites even after 10 also. My website is new around 1-2 months old is it possible and achievable to outrank bank...
  10. new_don

    Best Backlink Strategy To Create Long Term Authority Site

    Hi, I want to start a website having long term goals i want to make this website an authority website in personal finance niche. As of now no budget all i have is me with little bit knowledge of SEO and good knowledge of blogging and niche. Which SEO strategy do i need to follow that would...
  11. Rajthepositivelife

    Your Interview on Ultra High DA blogs (DA 50+,40+,30+) starting from $19.99 only,50% Review discount

    Are you an Entrepreneur / Digital Marketer / Startup founder / Product creator / Influencer / Expert / Digital Artist / Filmmaker etc? Are you looking to get interviewed ? Do you want to get your Interview published on ultra High DA (Domain Authority) blogs? Did you know that? When you get...
  12. HenryObi

    What Do You Think About Multiple Links From One Domain To Your Site?

    Assuming... 1. It's not a spammy website. 2. All links are contextual 3. It's an authority website 4. It Has Very High Metrics. 5. All links point to different pages on your site Assuming the above being true, is it better to have multiple links from different pages on the site to different...
  13. E

    Is this Silo structure right for my authority site?

    Hi, So I'm starting a blog for NY membership site. The front page is going to be a sales page kind of thing with calls to action to my free membership, product listings etc. It'll link to my blog too, from the top menu. Now I've been researching a solo structure to use for that blog...
  14. nathantheboss

    [Journey] My master plan

    Hello everyone, I have been a lurker on BHW for some time. I had some success back in the days, one of my websites had 3 Mio. visitors a year (mostly from Pinterest, it was a wallpaper-like website). However, as I started college, I had to sell all my websites (no time to maintain) ;( Now I...
  15. pradep89

    Want to build authority blog but getting down again and again need help

    Hi everyone, It's been a long time I am trying my health blog to rank higher but getting down again and again. I wanted to make this blog authority Right now i have health blog having 300+ posts words 500 to 2000 each post around. Blog age 2 to 3 years old. In starting i was not trying to rank...
  16. quangtho2910

    How much money you would like to start investing Authority Site?

    Hi, i just want to know that are you willing to pay for high quality website or not. How much money you would like to pay for pre-made Amazon authority/ niche site? The site with: -Good niche research, keyword research, and content planning. -Premium plugin -Premium theme -Around 11000 words of...
  17. codded

    Building an♚Authority Site ϟ KICK-Ass Strategy

    Hey! Welcome to my personal journey for 2017, the goal is to create an authority website with a very little cost and rank at top 5 for the primary keyword (difficulty 76 according to ahrefs) I have register a ccTLD expired domain with a good backlink profile. Domain It’s a 6 year old...
  18. nihalsad

    [This Year's Biggest Journey + Method] Follow Me As I Build an Authority Blog to $10000/Month

    Welcome to a not so typical journey thread as this will be more of a tutorial than a journey. If you have read any of my previous threads you know that when I share something I leave no stone unturned and this will be no different. So what will be different in this journey? Well, the goal of...
  19. morgan456

    [Authorized Guest Posts] 40+ DA | Low Alexa | High Indexed Rate Pages

  20. blackhatsami

    Sam's Journey To An Authority Site

    Background I'm 18 now and have dabbled in affiliate marketing since I was about 15. I have probably made over $6000 (don't ask me where all the money is xD). Used to be heavily focused on the survey and GPT niche. My main income was from Youtube videos (when you could unlist and stay #1 for a...
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