1. P

    Hi I am looking to opening a tube and I have some questions concerning the hosting of the website

    I will be using the wp-script ,I have an offshore domain ,my goal is to reach 1k visitors per day and I plan to upload daily 50-70+ videos ,and here is where the problem starts. Should I buy a VPS or should I go with shared hosting or a dedicated server , and how much storage do I probably...
  2. LifetimeCharger

    Websites where i can get technical VAs (virtual assistant)?

    Hello all, I am currently looking for many VA's for our company and am encountering the same problems as probably most. Freelancer platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, freelancer are just 90% crappy as people just track as many hours as possible to cash in without actually performing. Platforms...
  3. D

    in search of freelancer to create tool for Live.Me

    Looking for a freelancer that has already built a bot or can do one for the streaming app Very basic features need: follow and unfollow or create a macro recording for Iphone/android (preferably iPhone as for apps no longer on google play) to paste "desired message" and swipe up and...
  4. Veil123

    [FREE] Fixing -HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, C#- problems

    Hey, hey! I see a lot of members having problems with their website(s) lately, asking tons of questions regarding the problems they occur and they usually open HAF threads offering few bucks for someone's help. To help those in need, I am offering my expertise and assistance for the BHW...
  5. Chiku Arsen

    How to block chrome shitty notifications ???? dirty images noti. shows up everytime i open chrome

    Hey , can anyone help me with blocking all the chrome notifications. It,s so weird all dirty kind of notifications showing up everytime i open chrome. Can't open infront of anyone else because of this. I block the notifications in chrome settings still nothing happens. Seems like would...
  6. UniQuE7

    PayPal Tax ID number process

    Hello, I wanted to know, does anyone have more insight on trying to figure out how to get approved threw a SSN/ITIN/EIN in PayPal? Well, i sell on eBay, have been selling since April 10 of this year. It' has been an up and down roller coaster with my JV Buddy, overall we have made around...
  7. B

    I Need To Make Some $$$$$!!! I have $$$ But Need Ideas!!

    Hello all!! No0obie here btw. I have been stalking this website for quite some time, until I pulled the trigger and decided to make an Account XD (btw like my name?) ;) Long story short, I can see this community are really nice and caring, as I witnessed myself. A great family and I want...
  8. Pscientist

    I'm such a confused newbie. Am I the only one?

    What's up guys I'm brand new to affiliate marketing. I understand a few things, but also feel very confused am I the only one? And did anyone start running campaigns yet if so how are they going?
  9. D

    Hi Black Hat World

    Hi Guys, I am Daniel Gray i am co-founder of a new startup its virtual assistant company basically we are providing Virtual assistant services in USA , UK , Arab Countries as well in India. We are having skilled experts of different domains like Receptionist (beta) Calendar Management Email...
  10. F

    My experience with IG

    Hi I would like to share my experience with IG and ask for small assistance. I have 3 accounts which I have managed manually before I found out about about bots and programs for management. In general I was doing something similar as robot - following people, tried to follow at least 100 a...
  11. wakoff

    Any advice for not getting perma banned?

    Hey doods! I'm sorta new to the whole blackhat scene. I recently got permabanned from a website. Basically, every time I try to make an account there, it gets immediately banned. Is there any way for me to circumvent this? My budget is around $50. I've tried: 1.) Using multiple private proxies...
  12. C

    Need Ebay Seller on or Ebay UK

    I will need a seller on or Ebay UK. Get in contact with me for us to discuss. NOTE: pls include yr s kype ID when replying else, i will be unable to get back to you.
  13. E

    ClickBank starting help

    Hi, I am completely new to this but I consider my self a fast learner. I have 50 dollars at the current time I can spend on Clickbank to start making money as an Affiliate. I was wondering what I should do first? Should I save more money up or is it enough to start learning the ropes and maybe...
  14. JimmyCash89

    Wordpress Assistance Needed Installing Theme and Error Msg

    Hey BHW, I need a WP theme properly installed and structured to match demo site. If you can assist please ping me, skype me or e-mail me. I need help ASAP and can pay now. James
  15. J

    Does Anyone Understand how to create great software programs that generate money??

    Hey i'm looking for a free software program that can generate alot of money for me does anyone know where to find any at? I also want to create a program that can do that also.
  16. D

    Backlinks Help!..Experts

    Ok so this morning i woke up and my site went from 40 backlinks to 239... I still am wondering where these backlinks come from.. i inatially processed my site to search engine directory so maybe from there.. However, i check the links most are irrevelant links thats not worth anything but will...
  17. M

    Just a QUICK HELLO to all on BHW!

    I actually stumbled upon this site when I was surfing to find out information on how to succeed in online business opportunities since my up-line does not offer me assistance except to say "go to your xxxxx and listen to it". He has not been transparent as he promised before I joined his group...
  18. marsmadness

    Did I see my Shadow and Hide?

    I first came across BHW at the beginning of February, and here it is finally Spring, with balmy April right around the corner, and I'm only just now getting around to introducing myself. I sincerely apologize. Call me Mars. I'm a 33 year-old guy who is not here to try to screw any member of...
  19. X

    Need someone who could help me with bringing traffic and increasing page rank

    I have owned Four Aces Casino the past week. Done all the submission to directories and search engines, but hit counter's stuck at zero. Without traffic, i am unable to generate any revenue, and can't pay for advertising in any ways, even Social networking free advertising was a failure.:( If...
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