Did I see my Shadow and Hide?

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    I first came across BHW at the beginning of February, and here it is finally Spring, with balmy April right around the corner, and I'm only just now getting around to introducing myself. I sincerely apologize.

    Call me Mars. I'm a 33 year-old guy who is not here to try to screw any member of BHW over or take advantage of you. What I am, and I freely admit this, is someone desperate for some Truth. I know many of you spent many months, years and more toiling through trial-and-error before making a strong living online, and I do believe in paying your dues.

    But I still have to say my dream for my membership here on BHW is that I will have the opportunity to show I'm both disciplined as well as loyal enough to make a great pupil, assistant or whatever I would need to do so that I can get the true inside scoop and make legitimate money for my family.

    I was a professional writer for many years, and I still am in my own way. I am always willing to proofread anything for free, though editing (actual and effective editing anyway) may cost a little bit. I know this isn't the place to offer services, but I do want to say while I'm still new here and needing to prove myself, I'll do some grunt work if it means I might learn something. I have several Pay-Per-Call numbers that I wish I could throw around the nation, and I have been affiliate marketing for months - with thousands of clicks to affiliate sites... with absolute ZERO sales. $0.00, yes. I am learning, but I still can't quite figure out what my largest mistakes are, but I am going to keep reading, keep paying attention, and hopefully I can see what the problem is.

    I do want to say this in conclusion: it really is great to meet you all. There seems to be a real belief in others here that can probably be summarized down to "don't give up and you can't lose." Well, that's the motto I have always lived by, as otherwise what kind of life could I really enjoy?