1. B

    I think this is the place to make an introduction

    I'm interested in learning how to promote all kinds of online content (websites, social accounts, streams, gambling, etc). I am pretty new to the scene, but not new enough to be a good scam target ;) LOL. I'm hoping to learn about google/ bing ads, sms/ email promotion, social media promotion...
  2. H

    Pleased to be here

    Blackhatworld is a wonderful community and I am delighted to be here. Looking to gaining and giving a lot here.
  3. C

    New introduction

    Hi everyone I'm here to learn and try to grow my skills and network hopefully building a diverse and capable group I can go to for any of my questions as I learn and explore this new world for me. I want to learn
  4. CoffeeLofi

    BHW! how the hell are ya!

    I've been browsing on here for about 2 years and learned a lot of helpful methods and gained a lot of value, I finally decided to create an account. I have some experience in web design and smma, looking to expand my IM skills (specifically affiliate marketing, cpa, YouTube channel methods...
  5. Adsexpert

    New Start For Me!

    Hello everyone, I have decided to make a fresh start for myself and learn digital marketing. I registered on this forum to share information about paid advertising. I hope we can share good things. Thanks.
  6. BlackSheepSF

    New to BHW saying hi and introducing myself

    Hey everyone I’m new to this site and just wanted to say hi. I’m pretty much still a noob but I’m wanting desperately to find ways to make money online with the porn industry peaking my curiosity. I’m specifically interested in starting an aggregate porn site. Anyway, I live in Silicon Valley...
  7. M

    Hi, thanks for having me

    Hi, I'm malopc looking forward to my time here, hoping to learn a thing or two. Mainly looking for software for youtube purposes atm. Kind regards
  8. DevelopJourney

    Hello from Europe

    Hello BlackHatWorld Community! We are excited to be a part of this platform and to connect with all of you. We are on a mission to escape the rat race, the matrix, the 9-5 grind. We crave financial freedom and the ability to live anywhere in the world. To achieve this, we are diversifying our...
  9. L

    This is Leye Ayanlola here!

    I have always wanted to be a part of this platform am finally here Although I noticed that the rules here are so so much ....I pray I don't violate any of the rule here, WHY AM I HERE? Am here to network, make friends and definitely make money SKILLS? Well am a Frontend...
  10. D

    Hello BHW!

    Hello BHW! Thrilled to have just joined the forum. I'm starting numerous niche content websites and need all the advice I can get. Very much look forward to participating in your community!
  11. crookedcookie

    CC from Malaysia: Here to learn blackhat stuff [Intro me what to read]

    CC from Malaysia: Here to learn blackhat stuff [Intro me what to read] Summary: Malaysia 4+ years in SEO (self-learned) Always a white hat Here to learn some grey/black tactics. Introduction Hey everyone! I am CC from Malaysia, like most of you here I am in SEO. I started to learn SEO...
  12. S

    Hi I am sindinq

    Joined the community to better expand my knowledge on cybersecurity and developing knew skills.
  13. B

    hello bhw!.

    i just stumbled across this forum accidentally while surfing the web this site reminds me of good ol days of the internet and how it should it be specific forums for specific niches with a sense of personality, and not preddit,jtube,shitgram,harvestbook centralized corporate echo chamber...
  14. GuitarOak

    New to BHW, got any tips for me? :)

    Hey, BHW! First post here, I started my first website in February earlier this year, now up to 70 monthly visitors(GSC). I´m a full time student in informatics and part-time SEO analyst and web developer from Sweden. My goal is to make my website into more than a hobby, a place where I can use...
  15. A

    The Beggining

    Hey, my alias is Adri, i am in the onlyfans management bussiness and currently working on creating on of the biggest agencies in Europe. I joined this community in order to push my work even further, thus this post so I can finally start creating some threads about my journey to this point, and...
  16. ProKoyote

    New Here + Greatly Appreciate Any Newbie Advice + My Goals

    Hiya, After a year of stalking online forums, subreddits, and reading countless articles, I've decided to take this journey myself. I want to preface this thread with: I would be very grateful to receive any advice or criticisms regarding my ideas and goals, or anything. Goals: [Short Term}...
  17. makeonlyfansgreatagain

    Hi there! This is my introduction :)

    Hey Guys! I've been in the OFM game for about 9 Months now and I've known this website for about 6 months. I was able to scale up my agency up to 6 Figs within the first 3 Months and soon hopefully 7 Figs! Just joined Black Hat World to share my experience and exchange informations with like...
  18. mark502

    Hello everyone

    Hi.i am a new user BHW.
  19. M

    Newbie Seeking Answers. Please, Help!!!

    Hi there, I pretty much joined this platform a day ago! I'm so far, flattered with the amount of information on this site. The main motivation of joining this site to earn a passive income of some sort, and I don't mind making it a full time if need be. Brief Background I have about a year...
  20. S


    Hi! I'm new here and I would like to send greetings to everyone in BHW community. I would like to learn about digital marketing in this forum. So I wish you to suggest me more. Thanks in advance!!!
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